What Makes Us the Best Play School Franchise in India?

Best Play School Franchise in India

Makoons is a great place to learn, as it offers a culture of fun and frolic. Children have a fun-filled day at Makoons while they also learn several things that help them develop their personalities as well as intellectual stimulation.

Thus, when we consider the education of a child, we should view the process as both social and intellectual; after all, what a child feels influences his or her desire to learn. Although we offer a sound curriculum at Makoons brand, our primary concern is the child’s emotional and social development. Our focus is to support the children as they build a solid foundation on which they grow.

We foster independence, self-confidence, cooperation, respect, and overall social awareness of the world around them. Our children will be regarded as individuals within a community and will be encouraged to work together for mutual success.

About us:

The primary purpose of Makoons Pre-school is to provide the community with a program that responds to not only the intellectual and physical needs but also the emotional and social needs of the developing child. Like flowers in a well-tended garden, our children are given a special place within a natural environment where they are allowed to grow and blossom at their own pace and where they are respected for their unique contribution to the group.

Exploring the Best Play School Franchise in India:

In the realm of early childhood education, choosing the right play school franchise is crucial for fostering a child’s holistic development. Here, we delve into the qualities that make Makoons the best play school franchise in India, providing an enriching environment for young minds to thrive.

Inclusive Learning Spaces:

Makoons believes in creating inclusive learning spaces where every child feels welcomed and valued. The curriculum is designed to cater to diverse learning needs, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention and support.

Holistic Curriculum:

The curriculum at Makoons goes beyond traditional academic subjects, focusing on the holistic development of children. It incorporates elements of play-based learning, arts, and physical activities to nurture cognitive, emotional, and physical growth.

Experienced Faculty:

Makoons takes pride in its team of experienced and dedicated faculty members. Trained in early childhood education, the teachers at Makoons are passionate about creating a positive and engaging learning environment for children.

Parental Involvement:

Recognizing the importance of a collaborative approach, Makoons encourages parental involvement in a child’s learning journey. Regular updates, parent-teacher interactions, and involvement in school activities create a supportive community for the child.

Safety and Well-being:

Makoons prioritizes the safety and well-being of every child. Stringent safety measures, hygienic facilities, and a nurturing atmosphere contribute to a secure and comfortable learning environment.

Innovative Teaching Methods:

Embracing innovative teaching methods, Makoons keeps pace with advancements in early childhood education. Interactive learning tools, educational games, and creative activities enhance the learning experience for children.

Franchise Support:

Makoons stands out as the best play school franchise in India by providing comprehensive support to its franchise partners. From initial setup assistance to continuous training and marketing support, Makoons ensures the success of its franchisees.

In conclusion, Makoons emerges as the best play school franchise in India, offering a blend of inclusive learning, a holistic curriculum, experienced faculty, parental involvement, a focus on safety, innovative teaching methods, and robust franchise support. Choosing Makoons as a franchise means joining a community dedicated to shaping the future of education for young learners.

At Makoons, we strive to be the best play school franchise in India, creating nurseries that meet the needs, talents, abilities, and interests of the early years of children through the physical environment, curriculum, and staffing models. Innovation and excellence in education are central to what we do. Our preschools are designed around active laboratories, visual arts, science and discoveries, technology labs, and sensory rooms. We design an environment with activities based on the children’s interests. Planning is based on each child, making our curriculum tailor-made. We have qualified teachers, including those in the performing and visual arts, and physical education experts.

Established: 2015

Makoons Centers: 80 centers across 9 states

• Number of students: over 6,000 students since inception.

•Teacher: Student ratio- 8:1

• The curriculum followed: We follow a futuristic-based curriculum that focuses on reading, writing, language, math, science, social studies, art, music, and physical fitness activities.

Teachers and administrators spend time listening and talking with children and helping them with their tasks, which reflects in their daily learning.


• Fastest Growing Pre-School Network -2019 by Iconic Achiever’s Awards

• Reorganized in the Top 10 Pre-Schools of India 2017-18 Judged based on Preschool Ranking Survey by Digital  Learning Media

• Most Trusted Pre-School Chain of the Year 2019 by the National Excellence Awards- WBR Corp.).

• The Most Promising Preschool and Daycare in India- 2019 by The Knowledge Review Magazine

• Among the Top 100 Preschool of India 2018-19 School Excellence Awards – Brainfeed

Our Strengths: The major strengths of Makoons include a unique curriculum and a 360-degree support system backed by a well-experienced team in the field of preschool education. We are currently present in nine states with 80 centers and are exploring opportunities to expand our presence in neighboring countries. We plan to reach 150+ branches by the end of the year 2020.


• Investment: 12-15 Lakhs (Minimum)

• Area required: 1,500 – 2,000 sq. feet

• Return on investment: 60-80%

• Operational breakeven: 6-8 months

Supporting the Franchisees

Franchisee territory: We value our relationship with our business partners, so we give them the proper space to do business. The territory normally varies 5-6 km. in driving distance from one branch to another.

It also depends on the density of the locality. What are the margins in this business?

In the preschool business, expenses are almost static in most cases after the breakeven point is achieved. The margins may go up to 50-60%, which usually grows to a certain extent year-on-year.

What Support do We Offer Beyond the Initial Training?

Teaching Aids

We share the curriculum that teachers must disseminate at your preschool. We provide daily teaching plans, pre-formatted curriculum, toys to build skills in children, texture painting sets, art and craft kits, sand kits, and creative workbooks that help children to learn and develop holistically.

Marketing and Operational Support

We provide creatives for local newspapers and social media platforms. We also help with initial search engine listings.

Lead Management Support

At the time of admissions, we provide you with prospective local leads who are looking to enroll their children in a preschool.

Business Management Portal

Easy access to our online system, which helps the franchise partner manage day-to-day operations and track business performance.

Looking for the best play school franchise in India? Consider our proven model and comprehensive support system for a successful venture in the education sector. Partner with us and join the ranks of successful preschool entrepreneurs.

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