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Nursery Program

Age group 2.5-3.5 years

In Nursury Programme, The aim is to develop the various skills & capabilities of the child by aiming at specific areas as described below;

+ Successful Learners

+ Confident Individuals

+ Responsible Children

+ Effective Contributors

All of the above are interlinked to the child's personality development which helps the child to build confidence. We believe that it is at this age where a child’s learning capabilities are to its fullest. Educational Technology Leadership (ETL) led Curriculum aids the process to harness these capabilities to the maximum benefit of the Child.


At Makoons, our Nursery Program ensures to act as the most robust foundation for every child’s future learning and growing. Our safe environment is designed where every child feels valued, independent and confident. Our classroom nursery program focuses on literacy skills and co-curricular activities to boost the holistic growth of the developing child. All the processes are thoroughly processed via learning and playing methodology.

Our nursery program is designed to encourage children to investigate, ask questions and seek creative solutions. Also, reading becomes an essential aspect of the Nursery Program training. The student-teacher ratio is kept as per the individual needs of every child.

We ensure all children feel valued and respected, receiving high-quality, challenging learning opportunities.