Important Advisory for Our Valued Parents and Guardians

At Makoons, under the umbrella of KRS Educreations Private Limited, we prioritize the trust and safety of our families above all. We have been made aware of certain instances where entities no longer affiliated with us are operating under the Makoons brand, especially in regions like Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. These unauthorized establishments may not adhere to the stringent standards of care, education, and safety that define the essence of Makoons.

We wish to reassure our community that decisive legal measures are being taken against these entities to preserve the authenticity and integrity of the Makoons experience. Our foremost concern is the welfare of your children and ensuring they receive the high-quality education that Makoons stands for.

For the purpose of ensuring informed decisions by parents and guardians, we strongly advise consulting our official website for a comprehensive list of accredited Makoons play schools. It is crucial to verify the authenticity of any institution claiming to be part of the Makoons network through our official channels, to ensure your child benefits from the authentic Makoons learning environment.

We are in active collaboration with relevant authorities to address and rectify these violations, maintaining the high standards that have established Makoons as a revered name in early childhood education across India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

We greatly value your vigilance and cooperation in this matter. Should there be any concerns or need for further information, we encourage you to reach out to us through our designated communication platforms.

Together, let's ensure a secure and stimulating environment for the formative years of our young learners.

KRS Educreations Private Limited