Toddlers Club Program

A child is a quick learner. Hence, the first few years are considered as crucial when it comes to a child’s growth. The programmes at Makoons are designed to ensure that every child embarks on a unique educational growth and playful experience. The objective is to provide learning, motivating and inspiring experiences to each child at an early age. Our well-designed curriculum ACMES offers a balanced combination of academic and play-based activities helping children to engage and explore the stimulating environment. The classroom training is flexible and structured with lesser children class sizes and a play-based approach with a motive to provide 100% attention to every child following their own pace and gaining confidence.

Preschool Year 2
Toddlers Club
Age: 1.0 years - 1.8 years

Our Toddlers Club Program is designed to provide a heartwarming and gentle environment to our youngest ones. This brings a magical understanding and early learning ability to them.

Preschool Year 3
Age: 3 years - 4 years

Our Nursery Program is designed to spark the imagination of learning in our little ones. Here, young minds adventure the learning and exploring foundational concepts through activities.

Preschool Year 4
Junior K G
Age: 4 years - 5 years

Our Kindergarten Junior KG program is an adventure where your little ones experience fun learning, creativity, and activities to grow smart and happy at every step.

Preschool Year 5
Senior K G
Age: 5 years - 6 years

Our Kindergarten Senior KG program is crucial as well as an exciting stage where young minds continue to flaunt and build the joy of learning in themself.

Preschool Year 1
Makoons world school
Age: 5 years - 10 years

Our program is crafted to build individuality by exploring, learning, and preparing for a joyful and successful life outside the home in a happy-loving environment.

Preschool Year 6
Age: 2 years - 12 years

In our Daycare program, curiosity takes flight to bloom individuality, and each day is a vibrant chapter in the personalized journey of young minds.


What are the preschool programs offered by Makoons?

Makoons offers well-defined and age-appropriate preschool programs:

  • dotsPlaygroup – Preschool Program for Age: 2-3 years
  • dotsNursery – Preschool Program for Age: 3-4 years
  • dotsLower KG – Preschool Program for Age: 4-5 years
  • dotsUpper KG – Preschool Program for Age: 5-6 years.

Makoons don’t compromise when it comes to the safety of your precious soul. The safety of children is one of our top priorities. From hygienic surroundings to the choice of furniture, everything is safety-proof and child friendly. Along with that, we have installed CCTVs at every corner to constantly monitor the actions of children for added security.

Ideally, we advise parents to not bring a sick child to playschool. As a sick child can infect others. However, we have a dedicated child specialist (Doctor) if a child gets sick on the preschool premises. The moment, you pick your child, it’s our responsibility to take care of him/her.

We can quickly assess if your child will meet with success regardless of their ability to communicate in English based on emotional maturity and level of confidence. For younger children, being in English- speaking programs with their parents who can help communicate to them in their mother tongue may be the best start so that the children gain experience and more understanding of basic vocabulary before being left in an independent program.