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Play Group Program

Age group 1.8-2.5 years

Small and large group activities are planned that support the children’s needs and promote the development of cognitive, language, social/emotional and physical skills. Here in the classroom, opportunities for children’s creative exploration are balanced with the teachers’ guidance during intentional teaching and learning activities. The Play Group Program is a transition program for children that helps them step into their first independent schooling experience sensitively. Our curriculum provides massive learning and play-enriching activities divided into small and large groups. The objective is to freely explore, learn, investigate and experience the valuable range of cognitive, language, social/emotional and physical skills. At Makoons, we conduct special events and activities to ensure that our learning methodology is relevant and acts as a catalyst in their growth. Also, we assure to build their early literacy skills and independence without any hesitation. The children engage in various enriching activities that are designed to lead to their overall development.

Children can explore, develop and learn in a safe and stimulating environment.