Mother Toddler Program

The World’s first relationship is that of a mother and child. For young mothers, the first few months play a critical role in understanding and bonding with their child. At Makoons, we offer a learning program for you to understand and discover the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of your child in the early months. It is ideal for mothers with toddlers aged 10 to 18 months. This program has been developed keeping in mind a toddler’s short attention span and the need for sensorial stimulation. Learning is facilitated through an array of activities the help strengthen the mother-child bond.

Program Highlights:

  • dotsMusic and Movement: involve finger play, action songs and rhymes to help toddlers learn how to listen and understand rhythm. They express emotion by learning to communicate through music and dance.
  • dotsPeek-a-boo: involves activities such as block play, doll play, kitchen play, art and messy play to promote intelligence resulting in their cognitive development.
  • dotsHead-over-heels: involves sessions of gentle stretching, baby yoga, rocking and massages to stimulate muscular development.
  • dotsOut in the garden: involves outdoor activities such as climbing, balancing, throwing, catching, running, jumping, sand and water play which promotes physical development, large motor skills and facilitates sensory stimulation.