Kindergarten Junior

Kindergarten Junior Age Group 3.5 - 4.5 years

Our Kindergarten program (K.G.) focuses on, Language Development, Promoting an appreciation for diversity, Incorporating active learning, Providing opportunities for investigation, exploration, and discovery, Encouraging a positive self-concept, Promoting creative expression, Fostering positive interaction with others developing quality work habits and school routines At Makoons, Kindergarten Junior KG Program is designed to provide all the vibrant and comfortable learning experiences to four-to-five-year-old kids. It strengthens the foundation to make them school-ready. The program is more academic focussed along with language development. The children in this program are exposed to more intensive reading and writing environment to enhance their essential skills.

Our program trains children to work cooperatively in group activities and become independent. We ensure to provide opportunities to every child for investigation, exploration and encouragement towards developing work habits and school routines.

Key Areas in Playgroup Curriculum

  • dotsTheme based Concept Time
  • dotsExploration based learning
  • dotsPromoting positive peer social
  • dotsMath Readiness
  • dotsLanguage Readiness
  • dotsPromoting fine and gross motor skills
  • dotsPromoting cognitive development

Playgroup learning Activities Included

  • dotsCircle Time
  • dotsFree Play
  • dotsKnowledge Time
  • dotsLanguage Time
  • dotsLanguage Readiness
  • dotsArtsy
  • dotsPersonality Development
  • dotsLibrary
  • dotsTalk Time
  • dotsSciencify
  • dotsOutdoor
  • dotsIndoor
  • dotsWhirl & Twirl
  • dotsSensorium


What age group does the Junior KG program at Makoons cater to?

Our Junior KG program is tailored for children aged between 3.5 to 4.5 years, providing a nurturing environment for their holistic development.

At Makoons, our Kindergarten Junior KG program uniquely focuses on an academic-oriented approach alongside language development. We emphasize intensive reading and writing environments to enhance crucial foundational skills.

Our curriculum for Junior KG covers essential areas such as theme-based concept time, exploration-based learning, math and language readiness, fostering motor skills, cognitive development, and promoting positive social interaction among peers.

Our program is meticulously designed to prepare children for school by encouraging investigation, exploration, and the development of quality work habits and routines. We foster independence and cooperative group activities, ensuring each child's readiness for their educational journey.

The Junior KG curriculum comprises a diverse range of activities such as Circle Time, Knowledge Time, Language Development, Artsy sessions, Personality Development, Science-based engagements, and indoor/outdoor explorations, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Our program not only focuses on academic readiness but also emphasizes promoting fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, and encouraging creative expression. We prioritize a nurturing environment that fosters positive self-concept and interaction with others.