At Makoons we make sure that the first place to be away from home becomes the best place to be for the child. This is any child’s first venture being away from parents and the comforts of his or her home. The experience at Makoons will not let the child feel the difference and will make him or her comfortable, safe and happy all the time.

We at Makoons have the best faculty and caretakers in place to have the rocking time, learn, play, explore for the child and receive elementary education as well. Our focus is the child and all our child care programs and activities revolve around the child. So once enrolled at Makoons, a parent can have a sense of relief and confidence about the safety and security of the child.

Makoons makes it interesting for the child to learn and enjoy the activities being done in the school. We also have a parent’s corner where parents can put their suggestions and queries which help us to improve further. This makes it easy for the school and the parents to be in touch and get answers to all their questions. We value the suggestions and useful tips given by parents and apply them effectively for the benefit of the children.

Makoons conducts kids care programs to enliven the way a child learns the concepts of elementary education. We have a range of activities for teaching alphabets, numbers, colors, means of transport which are age-appropriate teaching.

Child care programs at Makoons are designed with the objective of keeping the child engaged and teaching the elementary concepts as well. We follow the indigenous way of teaching where the child is drawn towards learning by way of play-way methods.

We have regular interactions with parents to involve them with the activities being conducted in Makoons. It also strengthens the bond between the child and the parent and the proximity too increases. Through the Parent’s corner, we at Makoons come to know the expectations of the parent and make efforts to fulfill them.

Parents can be relieved, depend less on domestic help, and also see their child progress in all the spheres of life. Our vision and mission are to create a congenial atmosphere for the child and a perfect place where any parent can approach to feel satisfied.

The child and the parents are our main points of concern and we at Makoons direct all our activities and events towards these two significant points. Every other member at Makoons works towards achieving the objectives which are mutually beneficial and relevant both for the child and the parents.

Makoons is the place where any parent’s search ends to get a proper preschool for the apple of their eyes. We tend to keep the way to access, enquire and get enrolled very simple so that we reach as many kids and parents as possible throughout the year. Once you enroll your child you can feel what we claim, our actions speak louder than our words forever.