Makoons World School

1-5 class
Age 5-10 years

Early Childhood

This program provides the vital support needed for children entering a new educational phase. Our team recognizes the need for children to adapt to different environments, ensuring a smooth transition that builds confidence and a genuine love for learning.

In our nurturing and joyful environment, children are given the freedom to explore and develop their unique individuality. We believe in creating a space where each child can confront their ideas and talents. We’re preparing them not just for academic challenges but for a various adjustment into more advanced educational settings.

Our dedicated educators exceed our curriculum, we enhance the quality of each child's developmental journey by creating meaningful relationships and creating a warm and supportive atmosphere that benefits both the children and their parents.

At the core of our philosophy is the creation of a happy-loving environment. It's a space where children not only explore their ideas but also prepare for a joyful and successful life outside the familiarity of their home environment.

The Makoons Early Childhood Program is more than an educational step, We build a comprehensive approach to nurturing individuals to embrace the challenges and joys of the outer world.

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Key Areas in Playgroup Curriculum

  • dotsTheme based Concept Time
  • dotsExploration based learning
  • dotsPromoting positive peer social
  • dotsMath Readiness
  • dotsLanguage Readiness
  • dotsPromoting fine and gross motor skills
  • dotsPromoting cognitive development

Playgroup learning Activities Included

  • dotsCircle Time
  • dotsFree Play
  • dotsKnowledge Time
  • dotsLanguage Time
  • dotsLanguage Readiness
  • dotsArtsy
  • dotsPersonality Development
  • dotsLibrary
  • dotsTalk Time
  • dotsSciencify
  • dotsOutdoor
  • dotsIndoor
  • dotsWhirl & Twirl
  • dotsSensorium


Are parents actively involved in the Early Childhood curriculum?

Yes, parental involvement is encouraged through shared activities, regular updates on the child's progress, and insights into the curriculum.

Outdoor exploration is encouraged to connect with nature, providing clear experiences and supporting physical development.

The Early Childhood curriculum encourages creativity through drawing, coloring, and crafts, providing opportunities for creativity.

The Early Childhood Program serves as a supportive way that helps children in adapting to different educational environments.

The program extends beyond routine academics, encourage exploration, learning, and the development of each child's individuality.

The program equips children with the skills and confidence needed for a successful journey into higher grades by fostering a love for learning and exploration.