About Makoons

Meet Tuko, the Amazing Little Ice Bear! He's a super-talented polar bear who loves learning, playing, and going on incredible adventures. He's inviting you for an adventure and fun ride!

Our methodology

Create Excitement and Interest
  • Aesthetic (set of values relating to nature, experiential learning, imagination which boosts learner creativity)
  • Cognitive (Uninterrupted learning program by fostering critical thinking skills)
  • Gross & Fine (Enhancing abilities like strength, flexibility, kinaesthetic memory with eye hand coordination)
  • Emotional (Self-reflection and mindfulness practices learners emotional intelligence)
  • Social (Essential for connecting with others! Helps to manage emotions, interaction with peer group and feel empathy)

Makoons being the excellent preschool in India provides the best preschool curriculum along with Montessori and other teaching aid materials.

Our Programs

Toddlers Club

(1.0 years to 1.8 years)


(1.8 years – 2.5 years)


(2.5 years -3.5 years)

Junior KG

(3.5 years -4.5 years)

Senior KG

(4.5 years -5.5 years)


(1.0 years -12 years)

Activity Club

(1.0 years -10 years)

After School Program

(1.8 years – 12 years)

Core Values

Developing Little Explorers
Language Blossoms
From Crawling to Confident
Active Bodies, Active Minds
Artistic Expressions
Friends, Fun, and Learning
Building Strong Characters
Math, Logic, and More
Independence Begins Here
Connecting with the Worlds



“I was scared to send my li’l 3 years old boy, Vivaan, to any playschool. One of my friends recommended Makoons so I thought to give it a try. They are superb! My son loves to go to the Makoons and he just keeps talking about it.” Mrs Aggarwal

Vivan’s Mother

“Before enrolling my child, I decided to take a tour at Makoons. I must say the teachers are well-qualified and the kids seemed happy being there. My little girl is now part of Makoons and she’s learning so much new everyday.” Mr Rajput


“The staff is very supportive at Makoons. My son is very shy and he cries a lot whenever I try to make him stay anywhere. Makoons’s staff really understood my son’s needs and made sure he didn’t feel alone during the whole time. He is getting good with numbers and the alphabet too now. Thanks, Makoons!”

Mrs Chalhotra (Krishi’s mother)

Awards & Accolades

International Education Service Excellence Awards - 2022

By Iconic Young Achievres

Best Preschool Chain in North India -2022

By Iconic Young Achievres

Most Innovative Preschool - 2022

By Iconic Young Achievres

India's Most Prominent Education Award - 2021

By Iconic Young Achievres

Most Promising Preschool in Delhi/NCR - 2020

By Iconic Young Achievres

Most Promising Preschool & Daycare in India - 2020

By Iconic Young Achievres

Excellence in Indian Education Awards - 2019

By Iconic Young Achievres

Most Trusted Preschool in Delhi-NCR - 2019

By Iconic Young Achievres

Best Franchisor in Early Child Education - 2019

By Iconic Young Achievres

Knowledge Review Award - 2018

By Iconic Young Achievres

Global Service Excellence Awards - 2018

By Iconic Young Achievres

Our Activities

Child Safety

Child-friendly infrastructure and trained staff to ensure optimum safety.

After-School Programs

After-school programs to experience fun in a whole new way!

Happy Environment

The playful, engaging environment that nurtures beaming smiles.

Security & Hygiene

Nurturing the ability to think, learn and do things differently.

Active Learning

Nurturing the ability to think, learn and do things differently.

Well Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are well qualified and equipped with Early Childhood Education skill sets.


Space: 1500+ sq. ft built area, 500 sq. ft play area.

Location: High-density residential area.

Investment: Rs 10-15 lakhs.

Passion: Love for nurturing young minds.

Why Makoons

At Makoons, we are uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence. Our educators are not just teachers; they are torchbearers of knowledge and inspiration.

Unique Learning Approach
Preparation for Future Leaders
Nurturing Creativity
Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders


What is the right playschool admission age?

Under 1.5 years is too early; beyond 3 years, you might find yourselves wishing you had started earlier.

Play schools are an essential part of children’s lives. This play school experience can be made memorable and fun if, as a parent, you make the right decision to send your child to the best play school.

A good play school assures the overall development of the child, providing you with an opportunity to spend quality time with your child.

Makoons will help develop social skills in your child, ensuring they feel comfortable in the presence of other children.

Game-based learning is a major motive of play schools, and only the best play school can master this art with the right set of teachers and supplies.

We aim to develop confidence and independence in your child by teaching them certain things to do by themselves, such as going to the toilet or practising table manners.

Makoons is the best preschool chain in India, owned by Educomp, India's largest education company. Due to our scientifically researched and result-oriented approach, committed offerings, and strong value proposition, Makoons is one of the fastest-growing preschool brands in the country today, with 120 preschool centres across India, having served over 50,000 children to date. Makoons is among the very first structured, 'process & IP-driven' brands in the early childhood education space. Our core value proposition lies in our unique curriculum and well-structured preschool program, organized pedagogy developed by our prestigious R&D department.

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Makoons expands presence with new centers in West Bengal and Bihar

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