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Best Preschool in India

In reality, today, only 20 percent is an organized preschool market in India. Undeniably, there is, therefore, a huge untapped potential for a long-term business model in this upcoming and emerging area of educational needs.

The preschool ideally comprises kids from the age group of 1.6 to 4 years. At the moment, working parents in nuclear set-ups are gunning for preschool facilities as safe havens for their little ones. So, some schools also cater to daycare facilities for toddlers. If you are planning to invest in this kind of business model, start by identifying the place where you wish to establish your facility, keeping in mind your target audience. You need to ensure that the place you zero in should attract a comparatively good number of enrollments to achieve break-even in your investments in say two years, if not more.

Facility and Infrastructure

The facility should be child-friendly in every way. Get help from a playschool franchisor that specializes in designing child-friendly schools or establishments. A good and healthy infrastructure should be equipped with classrooms that are well-ventilated with windows that do not leak in rain, have an element of insulation in winter, and create a cozy-feeling environment for children. Get your transitional spaces designed carefully without the use of any element that may pose a danger to a child. Supervisable circulation spaces (such as hallways and corridors) should also be at the child level.

Investing in the Best Preschool in India

Starting a preschool is a significant venture, and choosing the right model and location is crucial for success. The demand for quality early childhood education is growing, and the preschool market in India presents substantial opportunities. Here are some key considerations when venturing into this domain:

Location Matters

Select a location that aligns with your target audience. Consider areas with a concentration of young families or working parents who would benefit from preschool and daycare services.

Facility Design and Safety

Invest in a child-friendly facility with well-ventilated classrooms, safe play areas, and age-appropriate infrastructure. Safety is paramount, so design spaces that eliminate potential hazards.

Understanding the Market

Analyze the local market to understand the demand for preschool services. Identify competitors, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and position your preschool to meet unique needs or offer distinctive features.

Franchise Opportunities

Consider partnering with established playschool franchisors that specialize in creating child-friendly environments. Franchises often provide support in curriculum development, teacher training, and marketing, contributing to the overall success of your venture.

Strategic Marketing

Develop a robust marketing strategy to promote your preschool. Utilize online and offline channels to reach parents, highlight the unique aspects of your facility, and showcase the benefits of early childhood education.

Investing in the best preschool in India requires careful planning, a child-centric approach to facility design, and a keen understanding of the local market dynamics. With the right strategy, you can contribute to the early education and development of young minds while building a successful and fulfilling business.

Use of Pedagogy

It is a good idea to tie up with a well-known and trusted brand. This helps you get access to an authentic, tried-and-tested pedagogy. A lot of parents are very keen and serious about knowing what kind of learning methodology their child is going to be exposed to. A brand association also brings with it expert advice and a support system, which you might need if you do not have a lot of experience running a school or daycare. Ensure you make space for information and communication technology (ICT) as well. In today’s competitive cutthroat world, parents expect their little ones to be well versed in IT and would expect a playschool and daycare facility to ‘promote the latest technology tools for learning, keep best security practices through ICT, create virtuous circles based around ICT and innovative teaching, use ICT to link home and school effectively, and use positive associations with computers to rank the preschools,’ share experts in preschool education.

There is no doubt that the education sector gives you the highest ROI. If you go for the preschool franchise, as nowadays it’s a trend to set up a preschool and get the ROI with less investment, Makoons’ playschool franchise program has emerged as the fastest-growing preschool franchise company of the year 2019-20.

Having over 90+ preschools all over India.

Preschool franchises in India are booming businesses nowadays; within the vast services industry in India, education has seen tremendous growth, especially investing in preschool businesses.

Parents are more concerned than ever with their kids’ futures and willingly spend money to give their children the best possible education, right from preschool levels.

Discover the Best Preschool in India:

As you embark on the journey of providing quality education to young minds, the choice of the best preschool in India becomes paramount. Parents seek excellence and a nurturing environment for their children’s early learning years. Here is a list of the best preschools in India that stand out for their commitment to education and child development:

  • Makoons Preschool
  • ABC Play School
  • Little Explorers Preschool
  • Sunshine Kids Preschool
  • Tiny Tots World

Investing in the best preschool franchise, such as Makoons, ensures not only a solid return on investment but also contributes to shaping the future of the next generation through quality education.

Salient Features:

Age-appropriate learning opportunities in a safe and caring environment

A blend of IB methodology and playway technique

Theme-based activity-centric teaching methodologies

A comprehensive reading and writing readiness program

Emphasis on ‘Creative, Theatre and Language arts’

Library IT Corner, Play Area

Splash pools, Sandpits

Gardening Corner

Parental involvement programs

CCTV camera supervision for Parents


Area Required: 1500 – ft.

Grades: Play Group – Ik3 (UKG)

Student-teacher Ratio- 8:1

Day Care:

Investment: 10 – 12 Lakhs (Depending on the city)

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