Best Indoor Preschool Activities For Kids At Home

Preschool Activities

No kid likes to be kept in an enclosure, even if it is a home. But sometimes, for reasons such as sickness and weather, parents have to keep kids’ movements restricted to within four home walls, which frustrates an energetic kid who wishes to go out and have fun. Even when you have no apparent reason to keep kids stuck at home, parents should incorporate some games to let kids have fun within the four walls.
Parents can keep children busy at home, as teachers do in preschools for kids. There are plenty of indoor preschool activities for children. Engage kids in suitable activities that are not just fun but educative. Give them something to do to form critical developmental skills such as pre-math, pre-literacy, motor, etc.

Check out these special indoor activities to keep your child busy and help Learn skills:

Dress Up

Make your preschooler wear fancy dresses to fire up their imaginations as they pretend to be someone. Dress them up in pirate or princess clothes or ask about their choices. They will be delighted to be involved in such fancy activities. 

Engage Them With Puzzles

Children like to solve puzzles as they find it challenging, and solving them is a reward to them. So, spread out large puzzle pieces on the floor and sit down with the kids to put together the puzzle pieces. When parents sit around, kids try to fix those sets of puzzle pieces with a competitive zeal. Putting those pieces together and crossing the midline while solving a giant floor puzzle helps develop their fine motor skills. At Makoons, we have put in place various puzzle games for kids, and our teachers engage them to solve problems. 

Play Board Games

Another interesting choice of indoor games is playing board games. There are plenty of them, including Hi Ho! Cherry-O, The Sneaky Squirrel Game, and more.

These games will teach basic skills such as counting numbers, identifying colours, and developing kids’ motor skills.

Help Them Create New Things

An activity with a purpose for kids inside homes is to engage them in building and creating something they fancy. You can choose legos, Lincoln logs, and wooden blocks. Just challenge your kids to build the tallest tower, and they will try to out compete each other. Or, set a lego challenge for them. If your kid cannot handle tiny legos, give the larger
ones. The intention here is to involve your kid in some creative indoor activities. 

Let Them Play With Treading Beads

Threading beads is an excellent way to build math skills in kids. They count how many beads they tread on a feather or a simple thread and write the number or put the threaded beads against a number. Regular threading activity helps kids have muscular control over small things like beads they grab. 

Read Books With Kids

Reading books with your kids works well for developing their listening and language skills. They are eager listeners and are all ears for the story. So, you should pick up a story book for kids and start reading to them. This is
a way to introduce new words. If you are too busy, use free online reading tools that you can loudly play
so that kids can listen to the story unfolding with excitement. Get in touch with a local library that can deliver you a physical or digital book for your child.

Exercise Or Dance With Them

When stuck inside, kids look for something to help them spend their energies. Exercising puts them under some lightly stressful physical activity that wears them out at the end of the day. But make sure that the exercises you pick up are easy and fun.
Dancing is another fun-filled activity kids like to take up very often. Sing or play your favourite songs to make them jump and dance in their style. This will get them moving throughout the day, combined with exciting exercises.

Create Arts And Crafts

It is great fun for kids to use home materials such as toilet paper rolls and cereal boxes to create something from their imagination. So, use the recyclable materials for your kids to do some arts and crafts. They can make a dinosaur, robot, rocket, and other things they observe with the materials.

Make An Indoor Obstacle Course

Kids love to be put under some challenges to satisfy their competitive spirit. So, turn a part of your indoor space into an obstacle course using some household items. But create this activity for small kids only as the older ones might need more outer space around your home.  


When children get restricted to the four walls of a home, kids often get frustrated. But these fun activities can engage their whole day inside the house. They will also learn different skills such as math and language and develop motor skills while enjoying the home ambience with parents watching.

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