Choosing the Best Play School: What Parents Should Consider

Best Play School

Parenting is a journey full of emotions and responsibility, and if you are a parent to a newly born child, who is preparing to learn how things in the world work, it becomes a huge responsibility to make them aware of all the things. Here is where the responsibility of preschool comes in. Preschools, also known as play schools, simply mean training toddlers with basic things, before getting admitted into formal schools, which means preparing the toddlers for the future through exploring and discovering new things with them. Here we will know the basic meaning of preschool and will go further to learn more about the best play schools in India. 

What is a Play School?

In this modern world, where in most houses, both of the parents are working for a better future for their children, often they miss teaching basic things to their children. That’s where the role of preschool becomes important. A playschool or preschool helps in the holistic development of your child by teaching them basic moral education, enhancing creativity among themselves, and infusing a lifetime of curiosity, creativity and self-discovery within themselves. 

At Makoons Preschool, we focus on creating a journey on which they can learn something and be creative enough to create new ideas, discoveries, and more. We don’t burden them with loads of homework; but we make them identify their real selves through different types of activities. 

Benefits of a Play School for Your Children

The benefits of a play school for your toddler are beyond your imagination. The first and foremost benefit that we all see is that, through play schools, your child will learn how to freely communicate about his or her feelings, will understand your feelings as well, and will learn to express themselves in the best possible way. On the other hand, through preschool, we can easily train your child for formal schooling, which is difficult to do from home, if both of the parents are working. Also, at Makoons Preschool, your child will get the opportunity to meet and learn with different toddlers of similar age with whom they will communicate and socialize, making their path easier for further schooling. 

Points to Consider When Choosing the Best Play Schools in India

The most challenging thing a parent has to do is select the best premium preschool in India that provides your children with the best instruction and skills while also providing you with the best amenities. 

The following are some considerations to make when choosing the best preschool in Thane:
Protection: We understand the difficulties that arise when you can’t always be there for your small child while they are in a strange place. At Makoons Preschool, we provide all of our parents with CCTV access so they may watch their child every day and feel comfortable in their child’s safety.

Infrastructure: Parents should view and evaluate the facilities before bringing their child to an institution. A preschool with a variety of services can help your child develop into a creative and enthusiastic young person.
Acknowledge educators: Before enrolling your children in the preschool, you must ascertain the qualifications and experience of the teachers.

Why Should You Choose Makoons for Your Child?

Makoons Preschool, being one of the premium preschool in India, is regarded as the best preschool in Thane due to its facilities. Here are some of the points listed that make Makoons Preschool one of the best play schools in India:

Food menu: We know how important nutrition is for growing children. That’s why at Makoons Preschool, the best preschool in Thane, you will get a nutritious food menu specially prepared for the proper diet and nutrition of your toddlers. 
Regular physical checkups: Makoons Preschool, one of the premium pre school in India, places a high priority on your toddlers’ health. We do regular checkups on your kids because we care about their health.
CCTV access: In our opinion, parents should be able to observe their children at all times and be informed about their current circumstances. Consequently, Makoons Preschool, one of the best play schools in India, provides you with CCTV access so you can keep an eye on your toddler’s health. One of the unique qualities that make our preschool different from others amd the best preschool in Thane is this.
Outside games: We are aware of the importance of outside play and education for your children. At Makoons Preschool, your child will gain more clarity and become more intellectual, through our outdoor games and activities. 


It may be challenging to choose among the best and premium preschool in India, but Makoons Preschool makes you feel more at ease and hopeful about the future of your toddler. The best preschool in Thane, Makoons Preschool, does not overburden its pupils with knowledge since it recognises the importance of proper nutrition and health. We are among the best play school in India because of our stimulating games and activities that encourage your child’s creativity and intellectual growth. What are you waiting for then? It’s time to introduce Makoons Preschool to your youngster and encourage creativity!

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