5 Must-know Tips To Make Your Child School-ready

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It takes lots of effort to grow a child’s mind. And, getting anxious about a child’s schooling is pretty common among parents. After all, it’s one of the important phases of kids’ lives where they start a new chapter in the outer world. Hence, finding the best preschool for kids plays a big role in preparing your child for a better future.
Being parents, it’s a huge milestone to make sure that their kids are ready enough to step into a ‘big’ school world. And, the process can be intimidating! In this scenario, parents also need to understand that the process is also stressful for kids. Parents are the only world for them and hence, creating an acceptable environment for kids is important to help them spread their wings. Are you a parent who is a bit nervous and looking for successful ways to make your child school-ready? Then, read on to these must-know tips that can help you to prepare your child for schooling. Here we go:

Tip 1: Make the right choice

Every kid is different and it can be hard to find the best playschool for kids with amazing teaching methodology. Therefore, ensure that you research the right preschool for both, you and your kid. Once you feel confident that you have narrowed down the best preschool in India, and then half of the battle has been won.

Tip 2: Start preparing your kid from today

The ideal way to prepare your kid is as early as you can. Start talking with your kid about why schools are important, how there is so much to learn, how they can make new friends, and more. Keep communicating with them on a regular basis. You can also share your school experience with them. Kids find it fascinating to listen to their parents’ life experiences. Tell them why schools were your happy place while laughing and giggling about it. It will help them to understand the importance and follow in your footsteps.

Tip 3: Make your kid a morning person in advance

It’s advised to send kids before early morning prayers as it helps them to get ready for big schools. Creating a routine for your kid at least 10 days before the first day at preschool will help your little one ease into the new routine. Also, make sure your kid gets used to having a good breakfast. As we all know empty stomach won’t help anyone. Hence, your kids need to learn the benefits of waking up early and having a good breakfast.

Tip 4: Welcome independence

Most parents don’t want their children to struggle with their daily routines. So, they keep on doing their tasks. But, it’s important to teach kids the basics of looking after themselves. Whether it’s tackling buttons or zips, putting or taking off jackets, wearing socks, filling water bottles, and so on. Their little hands won’t be doing too much but being parents, you must start preparing them from day one to know the value of being independent. Soon they will be able to hold spoons, eat by themselves, and be able to go to the toilet without help, most of the battle will be won.

Tip 5: Encourage your kids to make new friends

Pre-schools are the best resource to teach kids how to make new friends. After parents, kids need to socialize and enjoy the benefits of having a like company. Having friends is important for children. Friends help them to grow both physically and mentally. Hence, encourage your kids to start a new conversation with another kid and make a move to be friends. Encourage your child to talk to other kids at parks, and play sessions and invite friends over for even a play date.

Other Important Tips:

  • It’s good to make your kids used to wearing uniforms, eating from lunch boxes, putting things in bags, and being stationary-ready.
  • Try to organize small playdates with other children before even starting pre-and primary school. 
  • It will help your child to be friends and feel easy to interact with the kids of the same age.
  • Don’t forget to give your child plenty of love, care, and support during the process.
  • Take your kid to the preschool even before the enrollment and show that it’s so exciting to be part of it.
  • Read books and stories of schools with your child. This activity will help you understand what they feel about going to school. Accordingly, you will be able to make a plan. 


We understand sending your little one to preschool is challenging. But remember, they need it. After all, it’s our, parents’ responsibility to encourage them to explore the world and prepare them for a better future. With the right training and preschool activities, they will be ready enough to be part of big schools and you will be glad to put the training phase behind you. Just, narrow down the best playschool and have a faith in your kid. Talk to them, share your experiences, and encourage them to learn why it’s important and enjoy every bit of it. You will be surprised to know they are smart enough to understand everything.

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