12 Reasons Why Makoons is the Best Franchise to Take in India

best franchise to take in India

Aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners are constantly searching for profitable and proven business models. If you’re looking to enter the education sector, consider preschool franchises, which offer a rewarding and fulfilling venture. Among the top contenders is Makoons, recognized as the best preschool franchise for its unique approach and successful model. Here’s why Makoons is considered the best franchise to take in India.

Uncompromising Pursuit of Excellence

At Makoons, excellence is not just a goal but a standard. Our educators go beyond traditional teaching methods to become torchbearers of knowledge and inspiration. This commitment to quality education ensures that every child receives the best start to their academic journey.

Unique Learning Approach

Makoons employs a unique learning approach that integrates modern educational techniques with traditional values. This balanced methodology nurtures creativity and critical thinking, preparing children to face future challenges confidently.

Presence in 4+ Countries

With a growing presence in over four countries, Makoons has established itself as an international preschool franchise. This global footprint enhances brand recognition and trust, making it a desirable choice for franchisees.

200+ Centers and Counting

Makoons, with over 200 centers, is the best franchise to take in India for preschool education. Its rapid expansion and widespread presence ensure it remains the best preschool franchise, offering brand visibility and a strong support network for new franchisees.

Proven Business Model

Makoons’ business model has been tried and tested, delivering consistent returns and steady growth for franchisees around the world. Our established processes, systems, and operations ensure smooth functioning and efficiency.

Comprehensive Training & Support

Makoons’ franchisees receive comprehensive training and support from the very beginning. Our team of experts provides guidance on every aspect of running a successful preschool, from curriculum development to marketing strategies.

Preparation for Future Leaders

Makoons is dedicated to preparing future leaders. Our curriculum is designed to instill leadership qualities and social skills from a young age, ensuring that our students grow into responsible and capable individuals.

Zero Royalty Business Model

One of the most attractive aspects of the Makoons franchise is its zero royalty business model. This ensures that franchisees can retain more of their earnings, making it a highly profitable venture.

Nurturing Creativity

Creativity is at the heart of Makoons’ teaching philosophy. Our programs are designed to nurture and encourage creative thinking, ensuring that children develop a love for learning and exploration.

Franchisee-First Policy

Makoons, recognized as the best preschool franchise, operates with a franchisee-first policy. Providing extensive support and resources ensures the success of each franchise. From initial setup to ongoing operations, franchisees receive comprehensive training and assistance, making it the best franchise to take in India. Makoons boasts a proven and successful Return on Investment (ROI) model. This financial stability and profitability make it an attractive option for investors looking for reliable franchise opportunities.

Ideal Setup Requirements

  • 1500+ sq. feet of built-up area: Spacious environments foster better learning and play.
  • 500 sq. feet of play area: Dedicated play areas encourage physical activity and social interaction.
  • Residential Area with Dense Population: Strategically located in densely populated residential areas to ensure high enrollment rates.
  • Investment of ₹10-15 Lakhs: An affordable investment range for setting up a premium preschool in India.

Passionate in Igniting Young Minds

Last but certainly not least, Makoons is passionate about igniting young minds. Our mission is to create an enriching environment that fosters curiosity and a lifelong love for learning. This dedication to educational excellence makes Makoons the best preschool franchise and the best franchise to take in India.


Choosing the right franchise is crucial for your success as an entrepreneur. With its innovative approach, extensive support, and proven profitability, Makoons stands out as the best preschool franchise to take in India. Ready to join a network of passionate educators and successful business owners? Explore the franchise opportunities with Makoons today and be part of shaping the future of education.

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