10 Best Free Apps For Toddlers

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Today, children are hyperactive and intelligent when it comes to gadgets or games. Yes, even at an early age, they are attracted to mobiles and laptops and want to spend their time using them. Earlier outdoor games were more hit, but today, kids are more interested in using their parents’ smartphones. 

Hence, there are several apps in the market designed for toddlers and little kids to keep them entertained. Toddlers seek more attention and are curious to know everything around them. Thus, keeping them engaged is a task. But not impossible! Today, you can find many educational and interactive apps that help your toddlers to improve their IQ and various skills while keeping them busy. 

And, to the extent, it seems the best way out for parents to take some time for themselves while directing kids’ attention to use phones in the best learning way. However, it’s necessary to monitor toddlers’ screen time. Thus, introducing your kids to educational apps while regulating screen time can be beneficial. Hence, we present the top 10 best free apps for toddlers. Here we go! 

Best Free Apps for Toddlers/Preschoolers 


This app is wonderful when it comes to teaching your toddlers about animals. With this app, they can learn what type of sounds animals make and how they look. Technically, its fun-game interface allows toddlers to identify the animal by its sounds, images, actions, etc. 

Fish School

It’s a great fun app if your toddler loves watching fish swimming in the water. This app helps to intrigue their budding minds. The fish app is one of the most popular learning apps in the world designed for toddlers where they get to see colourful fish of different shapes, in numbers and letters, swimming in water. Basically, toddlers need to identify the number, letters and colours of the fish along with with the type of fish. It’s the most recommended app even used by playschools. 

Baby Games

It’s a fun learning app for your little ones as it teaches about virtual balloon popping, various types of music instruments, their sounds and many more. Toddlers are more often attracted to new sounds, especially musical ones. This app also offers several mini-games that are designed for toddlers to make them understand the new things in the world. 


This is the basic exercise or game that playschools such as Makoons teach to small kids. The motive of this game is to identify various shapes. This game offers several fun ways to identify shapes of various sizes and colours. Such an activity encourages your toddler to learn everything related to shapes and sizes. 

ABC Mouse

This app offers various stories, videos and games to teach little ones how to read. At an early age, you can introduce your toddlers to the subjects like Math, Science and Art. It has unlimited activities and games for your toddlers that can help to prepare them for literacy skills.  

Piano Kids

It’s the best app if your child loves music. Introducing your kids to music at an early age is always a good idea. Piano kids allow your toddler to play various instruments and prepare them to recognize the sound they produce. With this app, the toddler learns a lot about music and sounds. Such games help toddlers to improve their creative and sensory skills and help them to practice strong memory and concentration. 


It’s one of the best award-winning apps for toddlers that offers features like games, learning activities and stories to keep toddlers busy. The best part of this game is that your toddler can play this app anywhere even if you are offline. It comes out as the savvy game app loved by small kids. 

Toddler Preschool Activities

Like its name, it’s a great app for toddlers that has educational content. Parents particularly love this app as it offers more than 70 games and activities for toddlers to keep them busy and entertained. The app provided exclusive learning games, from shapes to alphabets, animals to numbers; name anything, you will get in this app. This app is a big hit among toddlers and it’s quite engaging and interesting to use. 

Hidden Pictures Puzzle Town

Puzzles are the best way to improve a toddler’s IQ level. Hidden pictures puzzle town is a popular puzzle game that has more than 50 puzzles divided into various categories. These puzzles help your child to learn math, sounds, problem-solving situations, shapes, sizes and more. It’s the best app to start your toddler’s learning journey in a fun way. 

Starfall ABCs

Want your child to learn about the alphabet? It’s one of the first things a toddler should learn about. Starfall ABCs is one the popular apps for toddlers that offer reading, memorizing alphabets, maths, phonics songs, books, movies and a lot more. It’s the best app when you want your kid to learn the alphabet. 


Games and apps are the best ways to help your toddler to learn and prepare them for the coming school days. You can introduce them to many fun games and puzzles via these apps and keep them busy at home or anywhere.

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