Very Useful Tips For Parents

Some Useful Advice for Parents of Toddlers

Advice for Parents who say that their kid is hyper
Many a times parents complain that their child is very hyper but actually most of the times this is not the case. As parents you need to understand that these kids are not hyper and what you assume as hyper is actually a divine blessing for these kids.  It is very normal for today’s kids to show such behavior. In fact this is a form of energy which is actually required by these kids to survive in the world that they are going to face tomorrow. These children are the future and in coming times these young kids will have to face different challenges and more competition which will require them to be more energetic and competitive. Until and unless they go through this phase they will not be ready to face tomorrow.

So become calm and relaxed and don’t worry if you consider your child to be hyper. In fact if your child shows less energy and activity it is a problem. Also we need to understand that at this age these young kids are hustling and bustling with energy and in comparison to them your energy and activity level is not that high. What we consider hyper is normal for kids of such age. These young children are the future doctors, lawyers, sportsmen, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. They are going to face all together different challenges and situations to what we are facing today. Consider this hyper energy as the divine energy blessed upon these children to face the future.

Change the lifestyle of kids
Instead of encouraging your child to spend time with TV, mobile and video games spend quality time with kids and take them to places like zoo, amusement park . Instead of going to places like shopping mall take your child to a good park to spend time with nature. Let them feel the natural surroundings. Allow them to touch plants, grass and flowers. Going to a water park is also a very good idea during the summers. Encourage kids to play with sibling or kids of similar age so that they become more social and do not just keep to themselves . You can also adopt a pet like dog, cat or some bird. This makes them responsible and caring.

Food and Diet
Avoid fried and spicy food like burger, pizza, french fries. Instead give them natural fruits and vegetables to eat.
Fruits are available in large variety and your kid will relish the taste of different fruits. Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins an mineral required for proper growth and development of children
These foods are alkaline and reduces overall acidity in body, so promote healthy natural food.