Useful Parenting tips for Toddlers and Pre Schoolers

Pre-Schoolers / Toddlers are not easy to deal with. Raising a toddler is challenging and fun. Here are some tips that can be helpful in dealing with toddlers

  1. Now a days it is common for kids to start playing on mobile phones, laptops or Ipad. Instead play an indoor game like  Carom Board, Ludo,  or take them for walk in nearby park or society park. Let them enjoy with nature. Kids love swings and slides let them get involved in some physical activity
  2. You may also take them to a society swimming pool under your guidance or let them play in the play area of society.
  3. Play games like dumb charades or simple hide n seek is much better option then playing video games.
  4. You can plan to take your kids to a zoo or bird sanctuary it would be a great experience for them
  5. Instead of going to a shopping mall spend quality time with your kids in a nearby park. Take them for walk and let them be free. Take along a softball, cricket bat ball or badminton rackets and shuttle cock for some outdoor fun.
  6. Let the kids spend time with their siblings, or friends of same age.
  7. Grand parent and toddlers love each others company so let these pre schoolers spend some quality time with grand parents. Grand parents are great friends and teachers to these young ones.