Tips By Makoons Play School for Parents

Tips by Makoons Play School for Parents of Pre Schoolers, Toddlers

Here are some useful tips for parents of toddlers. These tips will hopefully make it easier for parents to understand their young ones. At Makoons, India’s Best Play School Franchise we are always coming up with useful tips to help parents understand their toddlers better.

  1. Always use good language with young toddlers. Never say or utter bad words or abusive language in front of your toddlers. Children pick up these words quickly as parents are the first teachers of children. They can pick bad words from your vocabulary and you might feel embarrassed when they speak out such words before someone. Don’t blame your child for this. It is your responsibility to ensure that the child picks up only good things from you.
  2. Don’t quarrel or fight with your partner when your child is around. Avoid such instances where you are having an argument or fight in presence of your child. Children can become fearful or violent when they face such situations often.
  3. Always treat your maid or helper with respect before toddlers. If you mistreat them your child will end up doing the same.
  4. Show proper respect and love to elders in the family. Never treat them with disrespect. Your child is learning from you. Be polite and courteous with your family members.
  5. Always try to maintain a healthy jovial atmosphere in the house. Kids will grow up as happy and responsible individuals in such surroundings.
  6. Avoid giving junk food to your child. This might look like a shortcut to appease your child when he is throwing tantrums. But soon can develop into a bad habit and your child can become a fussy eater for the rest of the life.
  7. Stop comparing your child to others. Never do this even if they are very young. This can make them jealous of their peers and could make them feel insecure. Always try to encourage their good points and deal with your kid with love and compassion.
  8. Give your child the opportunity to interact nature. Allow them to spend time with tree, plants, flowers. Let them play with water for a while. Tell them about the new flower or the birds chirping. Give them the liberty to soil up their clothes in mud. Allow your child to be himself without any shackles.
  9. Encourage your child to socialize with other children of similar age. This will make them open up more quickly. Interaction with similar aged kids is the best way to open up a child’s shy nature.
  10. Cartoons are fun way to teach some new thing to your child. You can teach your child a new poem through some interesting cartoons available online.