Sucking of thumb in young children

How to stop the the habit of sucking of thumb in young children?

Young children are prone to picking up the wrong habits. Sucking of thumb is one such habit that many toddlers pick up on their own.  Generally sucking of thumb is not much to be worried about. But if this habit is not discouraged than it can continue for a very long time and the child might continue sucking thumb even if he continues to grow older. This habit is quite unhygienic as the kid takes in bacteria and germs that can cause disease.  Normally children shed this habit as they grow older but many a times it becomes permanent problem. We are going to share some useful tips that can be implemented to curb the habit sucking thumb among young children.

  1. Whenever you find your kid sucking thumb engage them in activities that involve the use of both hands. For example: You can ask them to play with a soft toy. You can also encourage them to play with building blocks as this involves usage of both hands. Make your child hold their favorite book and ask them to read. Make them play with an inflated ball. Such activities can definitely help your child forget about sucking thumb.
  2. In order to curb the habit you may also tie a band aid or socks to his thumb. You may tie a simple cloth band to the thumb.
  3. Try to reduce the the time for thumb sucking. Explain them that this habit is not good for their health.
  4. You many also apply lemon juice to child’s thumb. Lemon juice is sour in taste and kids do not like its sourness. You may apply other edible things which your child does not likes.
  5. You may use a thumb guard which is a small device that has to be worn on thumb. Do not force the child to wear this for too long and too often.
  6. Ones the child has stopped sucking thumb it is suggested to keep a watch on this habit for minimum three to six months as this habit can often come back in toddlers.
  7. Understand that small children take time to kick such habits, so be patient and don’t get annoyed with the process.
  8. This is a habit that toddlers and young babies pick up to soothe themselves when they are feeling hungry or simply just to go to sleep. So do not worry too much about it.

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