Social Venture

A  Much needed Social Venture by Makoons

At Makoons we believe that scientific and modern approach to pre school education is need of the hour. We are no longer living in an era where we can expect the kid to learn all by himself by staying at home in the most crucial formative years of his life. The first six years of child’s life are very important and it is a scientifically proven fact that a child learns more than fifty per cent of what he will learn in his entire life in these formative years. 

We at Makoons believe in being the change that we want to see for our future generations. By becoming a Makoons franchise you become an automatic contributor to the social venture initiated by Makoons Pre School.

We want kids to learn in an environment which is free from all inhibitions. Orthodox approach to education is no longer applicable and suitable for the kids of this era. We do not want to see kids carrying heavy bags on theirs shoulders and unrealistic expectations from parents. Today a child needs an institution where he feels free to express himself and learn at his own pace without any pressure.  We want the kids to have fun and school going to be a joyful experience. 

Makoons advanced curriculum an methodology makes a child sharper and more advanced than his peer.  We are looking for new partnerships and franchise to promote our venture which is profitable for the society and a has a great potential for setting up a profitable business. 

An Investment with Maximum Returns

Becoming Makoons Franchise is an investment with high returns.  Major investment will be done in the creation of assets, infrastructure and facilities  that are going to be reused over and over again. We offer buy back option after three years which makes our franchise program even more lucrative for interested entrepreneurs. The concept of Pre School is  a very fertile business opportunity.  The requirement for good pre school will always be there as parents want to provide the best education and facilities to their kids. Makoons Pre School meets the expectations of young parents without making a big hole in their pocket.

We are sure that becoming a part of Makoons Franchise will turn out to be the wisest decision.