Preschool learning caters to the very first lessons that a toddler is going to receive after the initial education at home. A preschool should be a place where a child feels safe, secure and free to explore.

 The teaching methodology in a preschool should be created in a way that the blooming bud or the tiny toddler is nurtured well and protected to grow and excel. The child who has just moved out from the comfort zone of its mother’s care needs to be dealt in a special manner.

At Makoons we provide healthy environment, hygiene care and early childhood education for children below the statutory school age. We evolve and come up with new teaching strategies to see to it that the child not only gets introduced to the elementary education but also learns moral values and ethics leading to overall development.

At Makoons, the learning activities are planned such that a child listens and communicates more often. The curriculum focuses on activities involving fun and learning programs at the same time to maintain the interest of the child.

We have colour days in which the whole atmosphere is draped in one single colour for the child to identify the colours and register forever. Through clay moulding we let the child to be creative and design on his or her own. All our activities are concept based and culminate.

We tend to work in partnership with parents to understand the child first and then cater to his or her learning requirements. We at Makoons aim at bringing out the best in a child and also to unleash the true potential inside every child by creative teaching methods.

Play school teaching methods objective should be the overall development of the children. At Makoons we take children for nature walks, visits to zoo and natural places which are very much essential for them to stay connected with nature. We are equipped with the best teaching strategies for preschoolers. We add values to the life and well-being of the toddlers. The learning activities are child-oriented leading to educational concepts. We at Makoons frequently plan outdoor activities to let the child stay connected with the immediate surroundings and nature.


The play way method of teaching consists of different ways of teaching such as the Montessori Method which is followed at Makoons. In this the child learns through the hands-on approach and by exploring the immediate environment. Language, Mathematics and Sciences are taught through games, songs, role plays, flash cards, drawings and finger puppets. We see to it that the child moves from dependence to independence, broken language to verbal communication and also from messy affair to disciplined life and streamlined etiquettes.

Preschool teaching definitely involves a huge responsibility as they tend to raise and show the path to the future learned citizens of any country. The preschool in charges, counselors and teachers safeguard, educate and encourage the little champs of our country for the benefit of the society and the country at large.

Makoons is one of the best preschools where any parent can enroll their children and feel free and relaxed to see the child grow as an individual with complete education in the real sense.