Early childhood education is form of education for children in their preschool years. This caters to the requirement of children before their admission in an elementary school. This kind of kids education mainly consists of activities which tend to add to the cognitive and social development of children.

Early childhood learning should combine fun and enjoyment together to teach various concept as the child learns easily through these. The simple concepts like counting, alphabets, colours, birds, animals, etc. can be taught using flashcards, visuals and also through drawings.


At Makoons, we follow these methods effectively and teach the child in a way that he or she enjoys and learns the concepts. Kids learning activities at Makoons are fun, frolic and amusement for everyone of them. We ensure the maximum development with the least efforts by the child.


At Makoons we follow a unique approach and methodology towards preschool education. We believe in bringing forth methods that are unique, creative and easily adaptable for teaching. We aim for the complete development and progress of child. We focus on each and every aspect of child on a one to one basis and allow the child to understand at his or her own pace. A child becomes more social when he interacts with children of similar age. Our teachers regularly interact with parents of each child and keep them informed about the progress of child.


Preschool education services cater to the demands of the little children in terms of their education, development, grooming, progress and admission into the regular school of preference. Preschool education services are required as a child needs to get adjusted and accustomed to being away from home and settling in the new environment. Before entering regular school, the child gets the habit of sitting for long hours away from the parents, gets toilet training, independence in terms of food and belongings. The child also gets to know the surroundings and starts interacting socially other than the family while being in the preschool. Learning at Makoons, provides the child to develop love for learning with the participation in educational activities. The preschool learning is an important part of a child’s scholastic success. They learn multiple ways to socialize and communicate. The child learns to adjust and accommodate which is very important for the rest of his or her life.


Preschool learning usually starts between the age group of 1.2 to 5.5 years. Here the child moves out of the cocoon of the mother’s care and gets into the perfect care of individuals who are trained to handle the tender minds of the kids. We at Makoons have an expertise in dealing with preschool teaching and we do our best to accomplish this objective with perfection. Our activities are simple and we make it a point that the child learns at every stage.


Makoons meets the current demands of early childhood education and trains and grooms the little ones to be smart and confident individuals. Makoons is one of the top preschool brands top preschool brands when it comes to preschool teaching. We believe in giving the best by leaving behind the rest.