How to make your child sleep better?

Few tips to make your child sleep better

make child sleep betterSleep is very important for all of us and young kids need good sleep in plenty. Many a times it becomes difficult for kids to have a sound sleep.  Lack of sleep can disturb the child and he might feel irritated because of this. Proper sleep is very important for the proper development and growth of child. Sleep helps to heal and recharge the body for the next day. Here are few tips to make your child get a good sound sleep

  1. Make a habit of getting your child to sleep at a fixed time every day. Make sure that your child goes to sleep early and gets plenty of sleep time, at least 11-12 hours of sleep is recommended for young toddlers.

2. Make your child wear comfortable clothing before going to sleep.  In summers chose light and lose clothes . In winters clothes should be warm and comfortable.

3. You should refrain your toddler from watching TV and playing on mobile or tablets two hours before to going for sleep. When kids are engaged in some activity before sleep their mind is still in active state.  Our body releases hormone called melatonin which is responsible for maintaining the internal clock of our body. This internal clock tells us when to eat, when to go to sleep and other activities which we do on routine automatically.  It is important to calm down the brain before sleep so that this hormone is in check and work properly.

4.Before going to sleep it is important that you create an environment which is conducive to sleep. Turn off the lights, switch off the TV and put that tablet and mobile away at least one hour before making your toddler ready for sleep. Read them a story or sing them a lullaby two before going to bed.

5.Do not give liquids to your kid at least one hour before going to bed, this will prevent him from going for urine or potty which will obviously disturb the sleep.

6.If your child gets up during the sleep may be he is thinking about some thing that disturbed his sleep. Just pat him at the back and put him back to sleep.