How to get your kid to listen to you?

How to get your kid to listen to you?

early child development  effective parenting tipsMothers of young kids often complain about their kid not listening to them or not obeying their orders. This is
a bit frustrating as you expect your kids to obey you and follow your instructions. It is natural for kids
to avoid listening to you. You may think that your child is not listening to you but in reality it is not the case. Kids do listen to you, they heard what you said but they do not take it seriously and follow your order or instructions.

For example: When you ask your kid to put school shoes and school bag in place they have definitely heard you but do not follow up with the necessary action.  This happens mainly because you are not actively involved with the kid in conversation and they take things casually. May be you are in kitchen and just casually asked your child to remove his shoes and keep them in place while he is in another room . Since there is no direct connection in such conversation kids take it lightly. If you want your child to obey you make it a point to be direct in conversation and make them understand that what you are saying is important.

Many a times kids don’t listen to you until you tell them to do something couple of times and it is only when you speak in dominating or aggressive tone the last time your child follows your order. Instead of shouting several times be firm and direct in your conversation. When kids sense you are serious about something they will immediately follow your instructions. 

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