How to control tantrums in toddlers

Temper tantrums in toddlers and how to keep it under check

control tantrum behaviour in kids  parenting tips for kidsTemper tantrums are very common in kids aged 1-4. More than half of kids let their frustration out by throwing tantrums. Parents of toddlers often complain about their kid being too fussy and throwing tantrums all the time. Kids have many reasons for showing such behavior. Sometimes they might do it to get a new toy or candy. They might do it just to get your attention. Tantrum is also a sign that your kid is trying to ask for something but due to his inability to explain straightway throws a tantrum.

At Makoons, India’s leading Play School Franchise we understand the psychology of toddlers and pre schoolers very well. We encourage you to keep on reading this article. Here we discuss few strategies that will help you take control of your kid more effectively and control their mood swings and tantrums.

  1. Make your child feel comfortable
    Most often young toddlers throw tantrums as they might be feeling uncomfortable.  It is suggested that you give your kids proper sleep so that they don’t feel lethargic and irritated throughout the day. Another most important thing is to give them proper food with nutrition so that they are physically charged for the day. When going out to a nearby market carry a small toy so that the child is busy, this also prevents your kid from demanding a new toy while you are out for shopping.
  2. Let your kid choose
    Having a choice is natural human urge. When you give your kid a choice he feels a lot better and will be more interested in doing something which he generally avoids. Start with little things that would make them feel that they are in control. For example you can give your kid a choice of finishing the milk first or eating his breakfast. Or offering him a choice between going for bath or eating some delicious snack first. Try this tip and you will become a lot better in understanding these toddlers. This is also a great way to make them do something they are reluctant to do usually.
  3. Find out what’s really bothering your kid
    Kids under the age of two and half years have a vocabulary of around fifty words only. It is not easy for them to express their feelings with such a short vocabulary so they get frustrated and start acting strangely or throw tantrums.  It is best to train your kid to understand some sign language for common problem like feeling hungry, sleep or the urge to relieve himself. This way you will be able to judge their problem much better and kids will throw less tantrums.
  4. Distract the attention
    Often we get the signs of tantrums coming from kids in advance. The best way to deal with this is to distract their attention and divert it to something else. Once you have judged that a tantrum is on its way immediately change the topic, start smiling or play some game with your kid. You can even encourage them to watch favorite cartoon together. This distraction will divert the attention of kid and most probably he will forget to throw tantrum.
  5. Be a patient listener and good teacher
    Let your kid know that you are there by his side. Sometimes that’s all your kid wants. Try to give a patient ear to what you kid is trying to express. Do not lose your cool if your child is whining. Teach  good habits and let him know that he won’t be scolded if he make mistake when trying to learn new things. Give him the confidence that you are there for him and support him unconditionally.
  6. Use positive words
    Be polite when handing these young toddlers as they will always make silly mistakes, this is all part of growing up and we all have been through this phase. Remember how patient your own parents were when you were in this stage.  Do not scold them tool much or use bad words. Kids can pick up such things from parents very quickly. If you know your kid is throwing tantrum just leave him alone for some time and tantrum could be gone.
  7. Keep a straight face
    If you notice your toddler throwing tantrum just show  a straight face and let him know that you are not interested. Often parents give in to such tantrums and unknowingly encourage more of such behavior in kids. Once a kid understands that throwing tantrum is the best way to get something done it can become a bad habit in later years and the kid may grow up being more stubborn and moody. Next time you face such situation where you find your kid throwing a tantrum, just ignore or keep a straight face. Let them know this is not the way to get anything he or she wants.
  8. Compliment and reward
    Whenever your child does something good like finishing his breakfast or helping you in some house chores do not forget to compliment and encourage him. With positive words and some encouragement your kid will automatically show better behavior and refrain from tantrums. Reward your child with an ice cream or let him watch his favorite cartoon.