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A preschool is a place where a child puts his initial steps to grow, develop his talent and prepared to get admission in a reputed school. A preschool forms the base for a child through play and fun activities. The foundation of education for a child is laid in a preschool, which is later molded into different forms and structures.

We the carriers for Makoonites, torch of early childhood learning, make it easy for the child to learn and understand the basic concepts of education. We take it as our responsibility to train and groom our future leaders to take the nation to greater heights. It is our prime objective to educate the toddlers through activity-based learning methods which are engaging and continuously evolving for the benefit of the children.

Makoons believes that for preschool kids learning activities should be educational as well as recreational. We design our programs with a view to add to the progress of each and every child in our school.

Many types of activities both indoor as well as outdoor are organized for the tiny kids at Makoons. Some of them are listed below:

We have summer camps which has a compilation of many indoor and outdoor activities under one roof. The activities range from art and craft, dance, music, instrumental learning, karate, gymnastics and English conversation classes. During the summer camps the Makoonites are given maximum exposure to all forms of learning focusing on their individual interests.

Annual fest are yearly celebrations which are followed according to the school. In all the events organized during the fests there is equal participation from the child, the parent and the teachers. Solo and group performance on various themes and concept followed by prize distribution for every participant to motivate the child.

Festival celebrations are exclusive and special at Makoons. Whether it is Republic Day, Holi, Deepawali, Rakhi, Independence Day or Christmas the list goes on. Makoons makes every festival and day happening and significant for the kids to learn and remember.

Birthday celebration is very special for each Makoonite. The child is greeted with his or her favorites on that day by everyone and then there is cake cutting and sweets distribution. All the children take part in the song and dance party with the birthday girl or boy. Parents and other family members are also invited to celebrate their kids birthday.

The atmosphere at Makoons is filled with very impressive learning activities for the kids. We celebrate colour days also wherein the total atmosphere is filled with one particular colour. This helps the child identify every colour and retain in their memory forever.

We believe strongly that indoor and outdoor activities are very significant to the growth of the child in an overall manner. The child should know the relevance of the celebrations and understand the significance of the activities that are organized in the school. Play and activity based learning is the most effective way to impart any form of education to the budding toddlers. This form of teaching stays afresh in the minds of the children. The event celebration and observation too adds a great deal to foster a sense of belongingness to the society and the country at large in their innocent minds.