Dental care for toddlers

How to take of toddler’s teeth?

Toddlers have delicate teeth  and at their age the teeth have just started coming. Many a times parents want to know how to take care of their kids dental health. Here are few tips that can helpful.

  1. It is important to get your kid to take the brush and do some brushing. Allow them to put the brush in the mouth and play with it. Till the age your toddler is one year old, toothpaste is not required and merely brushing would do. Start applying a very small quantity of toothpaste once kid is above one year of age and let him enjoy the sweet refreshing flavor of paste.
  2. Give some choice to your kid. Let them choose the color of brush. There are some very attractive toothbrushes available in the market which are made for kids specifically. Buy them one of these. Even toothpastes come in attractive packing and flavors which are meant for kids only.
  3. Make your toddler brush teeth twice a day. Start this habit early as it is one of the most important dental routine. Make sure to brush the teeth at night before sleep. Bacteria and germs stick to teeth so it important to brush and remove the harmful bacteria with proper brushing before sleep.
  4. Use dental floss sticks daily to remove any food particle stuck between teeth. Be very gentle and do this carefully as kids are sensitive and tender.
  5. Avoid sugary food, sweets and toffees. One or two is fine but do not make your toddler become habitual to sweets and candies as this is most harmful for teeth.