Why Makoons Tops the List of Preschool Franchise


Choosing the right preschool franchise is a decision that can shape the future of your child.

Quality Education Demand

India's demand for high-quality preschools is at an all-time high.

Top of the List

On the top of the list is Makoons Preschool, a true gem among the best play schools in India.

The Makoons Advantage

Our legacy, which started back in 2016, of unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds has solidified our place as the best play school franchise in India.

What sets Makoons on top?

A Trusted Brand in Early Education, It's a name that signifies quality, safety, and holistic development.

150+ Franchises

Makoons Preschool provides that brand image. When it comes to preschool franchises, a trusted brand is essential.

Mind Nurturing Curriculum

Our preschool places great emphasis on the social and emotional development of a child's ability to make friends while instilling an openness to learning.

Well-rounded approach

We also focus on physical development, cognitive growth, creativity, expression, and making your child into a well-rounded individual.