Pre School years are most important phase of a child’s life. What kids learn here lays the foundation for future of these young kids. Kids learn very fast during this period and parents also learn a lot about their own child during these formative years.
Parents are often confused when trying to find the best play school for their child. There are many points that need to be considered when choosing the right play school for your child. At Makoons Play School we understand the psychology of toddlers. We also understand from parents point of view that they want to provide the best pre school education to their children at affordable price. Our customized and specialized curriculum helps in overall development of child. Once a child joins our pre school you will begin to notice small positive changes in your child from first week itself.
Interesting playful activities for children makes learning fun and easy for these young toddlers. When kids start interacting with young children of their own age they lose inhibitions and become more social.
Our Play School is equipped with best facilities and modern infrastructure. Our trained staff and understanding teachers treat your child in most friendly and caring way. Take time to visit any of our nearest branches and experience why we are the best in business.