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Using Music to teach Toddlers

Music makes learning easy

How music can be helpful in teaching toddlers

Teaching to toddlers can some times become too mundane. These young toddlers are not easy to handle and when you are trying to introduce them to alphabets, names, or recognizing things for the first time it is not that easy. Studies show that using music in our day to day teaching can give better results and make it easy for preschool children to learn the basics or anything which may otherwise be a bit tough for them to understand.

Have you ever noticed how a child picks up the latest song playing on your radio or TV. But if your try to teach them a simple poem it can be a bit tough. Here music can come to your rescue and the child will be able to learn things much easily. If you just say a rhyme just like your are reading from the textbook kids will find it hard to follow. But the same rhyme when sung in tune makes it easy for them to learn and you may be able to see the results very soon.

Music helps in all round development of child. By repeating rhymes in tune a child can learn about new words and their correct pronunciation. Music acts as a catalyst for a child naturally gifted in music and could do wonders for his personality development. 

Music also helps develop hand eye and body co-ordination which is helpful to pick up various skills. Music releases a positive energy in kids and makes learning fun and easy. Kids can learn to dance and express themselves without inhibitions which helps them to open up.

Playing your toddlers favorite rhyme on your smartphone or laptop is an interesting way to teaching.

Education can be fun for play school children too if we use creative ways to educate these young kids. At Makoons Play School we try to make education fun and easy for the children so that they enjoy studies as much as they enjoy extra curricular activities.