Art Area – Objectives for Children’s Learning


Objectives for Socio-Emotional Development

  • Express feelings (selecting bright colors for a painting to match a playful mood).
  • Learn to channel frustration and anger in a socially acceptable way (punching and pounding clay).
  • Assert individuality (drawing a pumpkin that differs in color and design from the traditional).
  • Experience pride (making a mobile that is hung in the classroom).
  • Share and cooperate with others (working together on making a group mural).

 Objectives for Cognitive Development

  • Enhance creativity (combining materials and textures for a collage in a unique way).
  • Develop an understanding of cause and effect (observing what happens when blue paint is added to yellow).
  • Label shapes and objects (painting a yellow circle and calling it a “sun”).
  • Solving problems (figuring out how to get a mobile to balance).
  • Develop planning skills (determining which color finger paints to assemble before starting work).

Objectives for Physical Development

  • Develop small muscle skills (coloring with markers).
  • Refine eye-hand coordination (pouring tempera into an easel paint can).
  • Learn directionality (painting a circle with one continuous brush stroke).