It is our belief at Makoons PreSchool that parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life, and they play an important role in the early educational development of their children. We work together with parents and families to help children reach their developmental and educational objectives. It is our goal to bring a high-quality early childhood education to our children and families in a safe and caring environment.
We organize monthly parent teacher meeting on a regular basis so that teachers and parents can freely discuss any issues related to child. 

Parent teacher meeting helps to create a bond of trust between the teachers and parent and helps both of them to understand each others concerns. At Makoons India’s leading pre school franchise our teachers give one to one attention to each and every kid. Their observations about  child’s behavior, child’s progress in learning new things is critical for a parents knowledge. They can suggest you what improvements you need to make to bring out the best of your child. We recommend to all the parents to attend these parent teacher meeting for the betterment of child. Parents can also suggest to teachers their ideas and suggestions without hesitation.