The nurturing of a child properly depends on two solid pillars which are parents and the teacher. So, there needs to be a partnership between both of them to contribute to the overall development of the child. We at Makoons strongly believe and put our efforts towards actively involving the parent in all the activities related to their child. The idea is to make the parent aware of the child’s progress and the way the child is being groomed for settling in a regular school.

We arrange different interactions with parents in the school premises frequently so that they come and have a fair idea of the methods and the way of teaching at Makoons. The regular activities are changed to suit the timing and availability of the parents for them to conveniently attend. We also have a parent app, namely, E Makoons where they can see vital information about their child and daily activities updates. This app is a nice way to connect with the school and know about the happenings.

We at Makoons, India's most trusted Preschool Franchise, regularly have Parent Teacher Interaction Forum (PTFA) to best interact with the parents about their kid’s performance. In these meetings the parents are open to suggest any changes related to the infrastructure, maintenance, hygiene for the benefit of the child.

Inviting parents to school is the best way to bridge the communication gap between the school and home and also it creates a harmonious relationship between the two. With the help of these interactions parents understand their significant contribution towards the child’s development and also make the child feel important. Parents too enhance their skills and become more participative for the betterment of the child.

The pictures and videos taken in the school events and activities are a great way to share the fun and enjoyment that happens in the school. Parents feel good and take part in some of them to make the child happy. At Makoons we ensure that we listen to both the child and the parents so that the aspirations regarding the chiId’s basic learning is met effectively.

We at Makoons keep up our good work by exploring various educational equipments and gadgets for continuously evolving our teaching methods. The child is the center of all our activities and hence we keep on the lookout for new trends and modifications with regard to teaching. This helps in dealing with every child because every one of them has different understanding capacities and we tend to have a uniform module for all. The methods to teach can be varied according to the requirement but ultimately the goal should be one.

Makoons makes it happening for the child as well as for the parent and we see to it that our little mascots are given the right and strong foundation for them to progress with ease and confidence. Parents can have as many interactions as they wish to steer free of any doubts as regards the school and the approach. It is a culmination of efforts by the school, parents and the teachers all put together.

Parent teacher meeting helps to create a bond of trust between the teachers and parent and helps both of them to understand each others concerns. At Makoons, our teachers give one to one attention to each and every kid. Their observations about child’s behavior, child’s progress in learning new things is critical for a parents knowledge. They can suggest you what improvements you need to make to bring out the best of your child. We recommend to all the parents to attend these parent teacher meeting for the betterment of child. Parents can also suggest to teachers their ideas and suggestions without hesitation.