Is your toddler unable to talk?

Is your toddler unable to speak?

Kids are certainly god’s most wonderful creations. They bring us so much joy and happiness. When a kid starts growing we admire that cute behavior. We all love to see them laughing, playing and enjoying. We love their cute way of talking and love to hear it again and again. Speech is the only medium by which a child can express his his thoughts, feelings and emotions. But many a times kids are not able to pick up language skills despite being completely all right in all other aspects. A child could be active but still he may find it tough to speak. This is very normal among young toddlers and parents need not worry too much. By following some simple steps you can get your kid to start talking.

  1. Devote time with your child so that they can learn to speak. It is important that you spend time with your children and encourage them to talk. Children learn by observing others and being parent you are the first person a kid interacts with. Be patient when teaching your child to speak. Make them follow your lip movement. Pronounce the alphabets and simple words along with them. Let them learn at their own pace and don’t hurry to see results.
  2. Encourage your child to interact with other children of his age. The more they interact with each other faster they learn. This is probably the fastest way by which children can learn to speak. Allow them to make friends with other kids in your area or locality. Kids love each others company and learn a lot from each other in no time. If your child has a sibling that’s and added advantage.
  3. Get your kid enrolled in a nearby play school or creche where he can spend a few hours away form the home with other children. If your child is around 1.5 years old it is the best time to send him to a play school. Pre schools or Play Schools are specially formulated for toddlers to start learning faster. A child learns to speak, read and write many times faster when they attend play school. Besides learning to speak and write there overall development is also benefited. Makoons is leading Play School Franchise that can guide you better in choosing the play school and contribute towards the overall development of your child.
  4. Let your child watch TV cartoons and learn from them. Now a days there are number of cartoon channels for kids. Let them sit and enjoy with these virtual friends. Kids learn a lot by watching TV. If you loved some cartoon in your time search and find it on youtube. You can interact with your child while watching these cartoons together. Tell them the name of the characters in the cartoon, their unique characteristics. Even enacting the funny way a cartoon talks will make your child enjoy and learn to speak fast.
  5. Take your child for outing. Kids love to go for outing. They enjoy going to market when you buy them stuff. You can also take your child to nearby garden and let them loose. Make him interact with other children in the park. Kids learn fast when they are in happy mood and going for an outing makes them happy.
  6. If you can purchase toys which can do a bit of talking, kids will surely love them and pick up the words easily. There are many such toys available in the market. You can also purchase an interactive game from toy shop that can make him learn things with fun.
  7. You can download learning games or apps on your mobile that aid in speaking.
  8. Music is one of the best way to make children speak. Music makes learning very easy. When your child listens to new words in songs and poems they are not under pressure to learn. They rather enjoy the music and song. This makes them learn new words and speak easily.

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These are some of the tips that can help your child to start speaking. But if you think that your child is not learning to speak according to age consult a child a doctor or child psychologist.