How toddlers benefit by going to play school?

Play School is one place where kids get ready for the future.  A play school is the right platform where the young toddlers gets the right grooming and pre school education. We at Makoons, India’s leading Play School Franchise make sure that these little pre schoolers get the best atmosphere, education and care they deserve to become the best version of themselves. 

Following vital positive changes and qualities are developed in toddlers who attend play school.

They become more confident

When kids go to play school they become much more confident and learn many new things. At Play School a child is exposed to new things. The more they learn the more confident they become.


They become more Independent

Kids Learn to be independent and learn good hygiene habits at play school. They learn to take care of their belongings, eat food on their own perform many of the daily chores at which they normally throw tantrums while at home.

They learn to speak much quickly

Toddlers who attend play school learn to talk fast as compared to those who do not go to play school. When kids get company and the right atmosphere learning new words becomes much easy. The vocabulary of child going to pre school increases by leaps and bounds.


They Learn to Socialize

Children going to play schools become more social and can accept strangers around them more easily. It is very important for young children not to to stay too aloof and mingle with other kids. 

They become more Curious

For Toddlers everything is new and exiting. They just love to ask questions and get more curious about things. Curiosity is a wonderful gift and should be encouraged. Kids develop curious minds once they start attending the fun classes at play school.


They become Creative

Kids become more creative because of the various activites that they learn in play school. A play school is not just about studies it is about learning in fun and creative ways. You will be surprised how creative your little one can become once he starts going regularly to play school.

They Enjoy Studies

Traditional teaching can be monotonous for kids but at play school fun and creative ways of learning makes learning new letters, words and studies easier. Since study looks like a fun activity children tend to enjoy studies instead of running away from it. 


They become more Caring

One of the best things toddlers learn at play school is that they become responsible and caring towards others. When these young ones become friendly with each other they learn to take care about each other. They also become more caring towards siblings, pets and elders.

They learn to share

When todllers  are confined to their homes they are very possessive about their stuff like food, stationary, toys but going to play school makes them more open minded and they start sharing things with other kids. 


They are more well behaved and disciplined

Kids learn to do their work in right manner and follow the instructions and advice of elders, parents and teachers. They learn not to mess up, wash hands, keeping themselves clean and many other things to become more well behaved and disciplined. 

They develop interest in Music, Arts, Sports

Everybody is born with unique talents. At play school kids can discover their hidden talents and start honing the skills at very young age. When kids take part in extra curricular activities their real talents can come out at very young age.