How to stop your toddler from hitting?

How to stop your toddler from hitting?

early childhood behaviour  child behaviour and parentsHitting is an age typical behavior in toddlers. Definitely it is not a good habit. At this tender age toddlers are going through development phases. Whenever your kid is trying to learn some new skill like talking or walking or anything which can be considered an important milestone his behavior changes and can become more easily irritable, aggressive or they may start crying more often. This is a normal development stage for toddlers as they are trying to cope up with the pressure which is a bit unknown to them. At this stage a child’s brain is not that developed and they do not have the necessary skills to deal with such situations. So it is quite normal behavior coming from a toddler.

Normally such things happen with adults too when we are going through some stressful phase we tend to become more irritated. But as adults we have the maturity to handle such situations and mold ourselves accordingly, but in case of these little kids such emotions are very new to them and they don’t know how to properly deal with it. At Makoons India’s leading Pre School Franchise we are always trying to throw light on issues pertaining to toddlers and parenting so that parents can understand their little ones better.

Here are few tips for handling such volatile behavior from toddlers.

  1. Remember in order to be able to help others we need to take care of ourselves first. You won’t be of much help to others if you are yourself in trouble or not in a good frame of mind.In case of toddler showing aggressive behavior it is important that you are in full control of yourself first and keep your cool. Take some deep breaths and tackle the situation with calm mind. Avoid shouting and scolding the young kid because if you do so you are making the situation worse and adding to the chaos.  Taking control of yourself is the first step towards controlling your toddler.
  1. When your toddler is hitting someone or hitting you it is best to tell them to stop doing it immediately and move him to another place. It is not the time to argue with him or explain him the right values and manners as he is not going to understand your logic. Best way is to tell him that are not going to let him hit you or hit anybody else. Be firm and straight forward.
  2. When handling an aggressive child present a calm face, body language and talk in gentle tone with your child.
  3. Connect with the child and try to understand the reason behind his impulsive hitting. He may be doing it get something, may be he is asking for attention because you are busy handling his other sibling or their could be any other reason.  Tell him if he wants something then first he has to do what you think is right and slowly the child will calm down. Talk to your toddler and make him comfortable. Track your child’s behavior daily and try to figure out the reason for such behavior.
  4. Observe the company of your child. Often kids pick up such such habits from other aggressive peers. If your child  shows tendency of aggressive behavior change his company.
  5. If your child is hitting someone else show more sympathy towards the other person and ask your child to show love and care to the concerned person.
  6. Always try to maintain a good healthy atmosphere in house. If you are fighting too much with your partner this could create a bad environment for kid and he might become more susceptible to such behavior.