How to choose the best play school for your child

As parents we are all concerned about giving the best to our child be it things like food, clothes, toys or best facilities for education and learning. For a new parent toddlers education is of prime importance as it makes one ready for the future schooling and learning. The concept of pre-school culture is a bit new in India but in this age of competition and growing social demand the play school becomes most important stepping stone for a child’ s development.

When it comes to choosing the right play school for your child these points should be kept in mind

  1. Distance of School from your place
    It is advised that you choose a play school that is within a few kilometers from your residence so that it is for you to pick and drop your child. In initial years a child is not comfortable going to a new place a nearby play school can calm their anxiety a bit and easy for parents too to pick and drop the kid.
  2. Reputation of the Play School
    Check the reputation of the play school and take feedback from other parents before admitting your child to play school. Do not hurry and consult with your friends and well wishers. Also visit different  play schools personally and check with the receptionist and other staff members. 
  3. Infrastructure of the School
    A  play school with good infrastructure and good facilities is very important factor when it comes to choosing the right pre school for your kid. Check the classrooms, Toilets and play area of the play school. Be sure that school maintains proper cleanliness and hygiene standards.
  4. The Teachers and staff
    Make sure that the teachers and other staff of the play school are qualified and well trained to handle kids. They should be considerate and have a genuine interest in child’s development.
  5. Fees and Charges
    Everybody has their own budget according to the earning capacity. Choose a play school that is within your paying capacity and fulfills all the requirements of a good pre school.