Healthy Eating Tips for Toddlers

Giving the right food to your toddler is very important as in these growing years they need ample nutrition for their active lifestyle. Here are some tips to give healthy food to your toddler.

  1. Toddlers are choosy customers so it is important to give them variety in food. Give them something new and interesting to eat every day if possible. If your kid likes fruits give them different fruits at regular intervals.
  2. These little kids are always hustling and bustling with energy so it is important that you give your toddler something to eat every few hours so that they are energized through out the day. 
  3. Try to give them milk, fruits, soyabean, paneer and other food items rich in proteins and vitamins which are very much essential for the proper development of your child.
  4. Many a times kids do not like the taste of milk. You can give them milk in the form of mango shake, strawberry shake or banana shakes. These shakes are healthy and delicious too and definitely your child is going to like either of these. 
  5. Health drinks like Bournvita and Horlicks are also very good for your child’s proper growth. These health drinks have the necessary proteins, minerals and vitamins which are required to keep your healthy and active. It is recommended to give these health drinks on daily basis for proper growth of the child. 
  6. Try the interesting fruit chaat by combining several fruit pieces together in plate. Add a dash of lemon and salt. Fruit chaat is full of nutrition and has delicious taste.
  7. Always keep some biscuits in your home. Kids love biscuits and they are source of instant energy.
  8. Avoid sweets and candies as these can lead to teeth and gum problems in kids. 

How to make toddlers start eating on their own?

Instilling right food habits in young kids specifically toddlers is a tough task for some parents. These little kids are choosy with food and often develop wrong food habits due to lack of discipline and carelessness on part of parents. Many a times these young kids get used to being fed food but their moms and they refuse to eat food on their own. This becomes a trouble for mothers as they have to concentrate on other activities also. A kid should start eating on his own by the time he starts going to pre school.

At Makoons, India’s leading Play School Franchise we understand toddlers better.Here we share some tips which can be helpful in making kids start eating on their own.

  1. As soon as your kid becomes one year old start giving him something to eat every now and then. It is important for young kids to eat at regular intervals as they require more energy. You may give them fruits like banana, apple, orange or bread jam, biscuit etc. By following this tip your kid will start eating on his own. 
  2. Don’t worry too much if initially your child starts playing or messing around with food. This is a common child behavior and will subside with time.
  3. Allow your kid to eat with you too. Give them small bites and tell them to eat just like you are eating. Kids learn very fast when by observing others. 
  4. Now a days cartoons have become an integral part of every kid’s life. Use cartoon printed utensils for kids. Serve your  kid food, water or milk in such utensils and he  will not refuse to eat.
  5. If your young one has siblings try to make them eat at least one meal together. When your child eats food with siblings he learns to eat on his own.