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Our Blog, a dedicated and sincere effort for sharing tips and useful information related to toddlers

At Makoons we are committed to provide parents most valuable information about toddlers and issues related to them. We want to make sure that any useful information connected to the welfare of these young children reaches you from time to time. And our blog is the perfect medium though which we can provide such useful information on a regular basis.

In our blog posts we discuss tips that will be helpful in raising up toddlers. Their problems and issues which which often get neglected. By reading our latest posts you will gain a lot of knowledge which is essential to understand the pre schoolers. Pre school years are the most important years of a child and every parent needs to take it seriously if they want their kids to be ready for the future.

Our blog is dedicated to provide you best tips, facts and solution to problems related to toddlers.

Here are some of our recent blog posts.

  1. Some Useful tips for parenting tips for toddlers
    Follow the tips provided in this blog post which are quite useful in raising a toddler. These tips are provided by Makoons, North India’s Best Play School Franchise.
  2. Importance of music for toddlers
    Here you will learn how music plays an important role in raising up toddlers. Music makes learning easy and fun. Follow the advice provided in this post and see how your toddlers learns fast with music.
  3. How to choose the best Pre school for your child?
    This is the most confusing question for parents of young toddlers. Follow the tips provided in this blog post that will help you in taking the right decision when it comes to choosing the best play school for your child.
  4. Problem of thumb sucking in toddlers
    Here we discuss at length the habit of thumb sucking in toddlers. Discover some effective tips to get your young get rid of this habit.
  5. Why toddlers throw tantrums and how to deal with them
    This could be the most important topic for many toddlers parents. These young kids are masters at being dramatic and throw tantrums from time. Learn how to deal with this common problem.
  6. Some very useful tips for healthy eating
    Toddlers are fussy eaters. Here we discuss some very useful tips when it comes to feeding your young one.
  7. How to control aggressive behavior in toddlers
    Many toddlers pick up aggressive behavior and often can be a big problem for their siblings, parents and pals. Learn how to refrain your toddler from hitting others.
  8. How to take care of your child’s dental health
    Toddlers have new teeth and many a times they face dental issues because of poor hygiene and lack of proper knowledge about dental health among parents. Here find useful tips on taking best care of your child’s tender teeth.
  9. Tips to make your child sleep better
    Many toddlers develop irregular sleeping habits which can be troublesome for both toddler and parents. Find tips on how to make your child sleep better.
  10. Some important tips and facts about toddlers
    In this info graphical post you will discover some amazing facts and tips about toddlers.