Sucking of thumb in young children

How to stop the the habit of sucking of thumb in young children?

Young children are prone to picking up the wrong habits. Sucking of thumb is one such habit that many toddlers pick up on their own.  Generally sucking of thumb is not much to be worried about. But if this habit is not discouraged than it can continue for a very long time and the child might continue sucking thumb even if he continues to grow older. This habit is quite unhygienic as the kid takes in bacteria and germs that can cause disease.  Normally children shed this habit as they grow older but many a times it becomes permanent problem. We are going to share some useful tips that can be implemented to curb the habit sucking thumb among young children.

  1. Whenever you find your kid sucking thumb engage them in activities that involve the use of both hands. For example: You can ask them to play with a soft toy. You can also encourage them to play with building blocks as this involves usage of both hands. Make your child hold their favorite book and ask them to read. Make them play with an inflated ball. Such activities can definitely help your child forget about sucking thumb.
  2. In order to curb the habit you may also tie a band aid or socks to his thumb. You may tie a simple cloth band to the thumb.
  3. Try to reduce the the time for thumb sucking. Explain them that this habit is not good for their health.
  4. You many also apply lemon juice to child’s thumb. Lemon juice is sour in taste and kids do not like its sourness. You may apply other edible things which your child does not likes.
  5. You may use a thumb guard which is a small device that has to be worn on thumb. Do not force the child to wear this for too long and too often.
  6. Ones the child has stopped sucking thumb it is suggested to keep a watch on this habit for minimum three to six months as this habit can often come back in toddlers.
  7. Understand that small children take time to kick such habits, so be patient and don’t get annoyed with the process.
  8. This is a habit that toddlers and young babies pick up to soothe themselves when they are feeling hungry or simply just to go to sleep. So do not worry too much about it.

At Makoons is India’s leading pre school franchise we understand that these young toddlers go through a huge transition during their formative years. Our aim is to make parents understand their young ones better with our informative posts.  If you any queries related to pre school education please feel free to contact us.

A small story with valuable lesson

A small story that can help you in handling kids more efficiently

Often mothers complain about their young ones being very naughty. No matter how hard they try to tame them kids will always find ways to irritate their parents specially mothers as they are the ones who the kids spends most time with. 

 At Makoons is India’s best play school franchise we are constantly sharing interesting articles and tips that are meant to help parents raise well behaved toddlers. 

Here is a small story that can help you in upbringing your little one and tackle their day today tantrums with ease.

Once a mother who was very much upset due to her child’s growing tantrums  and naughtiness went to a saint. She told him how her little one is becoming too naughty and going out of her control. This often made her lose her cool and getting angry on the kid. She wanted a solution to control her kid no matter what. She said she had tried all tactics but failed to tame her naughty kid. The saint asked her that if she wants a solution to this problem then she had to go through a arduous and risky task.

The woman was willing to try anything to find the solution. The saint asked her to go to the nearby hill and get three moustache hair of the lion sitting hill top. The hill was very steep so she need to be careful as  a mistake in climbing the hill could cost her life. The woman took the challenge and with great difficulty and determination she was able to climb the hill and reach the hill top. Now the work was half done she still has to pluck three hairs from the lion’s moustache.  The woman located the lion who was perched at the hill top and got utterly terrified  of the lion. The lion’s roar made her even more fearful.  But she was determined to complete the risky task.

Initially the lion would making roaring noises and thought that the woman has come there to harm him. But gradually after spending few days the woman started to win lion’s confidence . She would clean up his sitting area , pat him gently  and with her friendly gestures she was able to win lion’s trust.  In few days the lion and the woman became quite friendly and the lion would allow her to come close to him.

After few days suddenly woman got the opportunity she had been waiting for. The Lion was sleeping, the woman got close to him and quickly plucked out three moustache hairs of Lion. She ran as fast as she could without even looking back as she knew  that the lion won’t spare her if she stops for a moment. With great difficulty she climbed down the hill and reached her village. She immediately went to the saint and gave her the three hairs of Lion.

She asked the saint with curiosity and impatience to give her the solution to handle her naughty kid. The saint smiled and told her that the solution is not with him. The woman got furious as she had taken such a big risk of her life to find the solution to her problem.

The saint calmed her down and explained to her that she has completed such a risky task of climbing the steep hill and even much riskier task of going close to the ferocious lion and plucking out his hairs confidently but she is unable to handle her kid who is innocent and tender.  He made her understand that she used all her skills and intelligence to climb the hill and win the confidence of most dangerous animal but she is finding it difficult to control a small child who is harmless and loving. He told her that she just needs to handle the child with more love and care and it is many times easier than the task that she had completed.

The woman immediately understood that she needs to be more compassionate  and caring towards her child. She could easily control him with love and some good parenting skills.

She thanked saint for the life changing advice and guidance.

This story is a big lesson for the mothers who think that keeping their young one well behaved is a very tough task. Woman are multi taskers . They play many roles simultaneously. A woman is a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter in-law and working professional  at the same time. They can easily handle so many tasks  but often a child’s minor tantrums makes them lose their cool and they get irritated. This story is a small reminder for every mother to be polite, kind and compassionate towards their growing kid and handle them with some good parenting skill and compassion.

Follow this simple lesson and you will realize that you just need  a change in attitude and some more patience and love to handle your kids properly.

Is your toddler unable to talk?

Is your toddler unable to speak?

Kids are certainly god’s most wonderful creations. They bring us so much joy and happiness. When a kid starts growing we admire that cute behavior. We all love to see them laughing, playing and enjoying. We love their cute way of talking and love to hear it again and again. Speech is the only medium by which a child can express his his thoughts, feelings and emotions. But many a times kids are not able to pick up language skills despite being completely all right in all other aspects. A child could be active but still he may find it tough to speak. This is very normal among young toddlers and parents need not worry too much. By following some simple steps you can get your kid to start talking.

  1. Devote time with your child so that they can learn to speak. It is important that you spend time with your children and encourage them to talk. Children learn by observing others and being parent you are the first person a kid interacts with. Be patient when teaching your child to speak. Make them follow your lip movement. Pronounce the alphabets and simple words along with them. Let them learn at their own pace and don’t hurry to see results.
  2. Encourage your child to interact with other children of his age. The more they interact with each other faster they learn. This is probably the fastest way by which children can learn to speak. Allow them to make friends with other kids in your area or locality. Kids love each others company and learn a lot from each other in no time. If your child has a sibling that’s and added advantage.
  3. Get your kid enrolled in a nearby play school or creche where he can spend a few hours away form the home with other children. If your child is around 1.5 years old it is the best time to send him to a play school. Pre schools or Play Schools are specially formulated for toddlers to start learning faster. A child learns to speak, read and write many times faster when they attend play school. Besides learning to speak and write there overall development is also benefited. Makoons is leading Play School Franchise that can guide you better in choosing the play school and contribute towards the overall development of your child.
  4. Let your child watch TV cartoons and learn from them. Now a days there are number of cartoon channels for kids. Let them sit and enjoy with these virtual friends. Kids learn a lot by watching TV. If you loved some cartoon in your time search and find it on youtube. You can interact with your child while watching these cartoons together. Tell them the name of the characters in the cartoon, their unique characteristics. Even enacting the funny way a cartoon talks will make your child enjoy and learn to speak fast.
  5. Take your child for outing. Kids love to go for outing. They enjoy going to market when you buy them stuff. You can also take your child to nearby garden and let them loose. Make him interact with other children in the park. Kids learn fast when they are in happy mood and going for an outing makes them happy.
  6. If you can purchase toys which can do a bit of talking, kids will surely love them and pick up the words easily. There are many such toys available in the market. You can also purchase an interactive game from toy shop that can make him learn things with fun.
  7. You can download learning games or apps on your mobile that aid in speaking.
  8. Music is one of the best way to make children speak. Music makes learning very easy. When your child listens to new words in songs and poems they are not under pressure to learn. They rather enjoy the music and song. This makes them learn new words and speak easily.

Check our daily wall for more valuable information about toddlers.

These are some of the tips that can help your child to start speaking. But if you think that your child is not learning to speak according to age consult a child a doctor or child psychologist.

How toddlers benefit by going to play school?

How toddlers benefit by going to play school?

Play School is one place where kids get ready for the future.  A play school is the right platform where the young toddlers gets the right grooming and pre school education. We at Makoons, India’s leading Play School Franchise make sure that these little pre schoolers get the best atmosphere, education and care they deserve to become the best version of themselves. 

Following vital positive changes and qualities are developed in toddlers who attend play school.

They become more confident

When kids go to play school they become much more confident and learn many new things. At Play School a child is exposed to new things. The more they learn the more confident they become.


They become more Independent

Kids Learn to be independent and learn good hygiene habits at play school. They learn to take care of their belongings, eat food on their own perform many of the daily chores at which they normally throw tantrums while at home.

They learn to speak much quickly

Toddlers who attend play school learn to talk fast as compared to those who do not go to play school. When kids get company and the right atmosphere learning new words becomes much easy. The vocabulary of child going to pre school increases by leaps and bounds.


They Learn to Socialize

Children going to play schools become more social and can accept strangers around them more easily. It is very important for young children not to to stay too aloof and mingle with other kids. 

They become more Curious

For Toddlers everything is new and exiting. They just love to ask questions and get more curious about things. Curiosity is a wonderful gift and should be encouraged. Kids develop curious minds once they start attending the fun classes at play school.


They become Creative

Kids become more creative because of the various activites that they learn in play school. A play school is not just about studies it is about learning in fun and creative ways. You will be surprised how creative your little one can become once he starts going regularly to play school.

They Enjoy Studies

Traditional teaching can be monotonous for kids but at play school fun and creative ways of learning makes learning new letters, words and studies easier. Since study looks like a fun activity children tend to enjoy studies instead of running away from it. 


They become more Caring

One of the best things toddlers learn at play school is that they become responsible and caring towards others. When these young ones become friendly with each other they learn to take care about each other. They also become more caring towards siblings, pets and elders.

They learn to share

When todllers  are confined to their homes they are very possessive about their stuff like food, stationary, toys but going to play school makes them more open minded and they start sharing things with other kids. 


They are more well behaved and disciplined

Kids learn to do their work in right manner and follow the instructions and advice of elders, parents and teachers. They learn not to mess up, wash hands, keeping themselves clean and many other things to become more well behaved and disciplined. 

They develop interest in Music, Arts, Sports

Everybody is born with unique talents. At play school kids can discover their hidden talents and start honing the skills at very young age. When kids take part in extra curricular activities their real talents can come out at very young age.

Tips and Facts about toddlers by Makoons

Useful Parenting tips for Toddlers and Pre Schoolers

Pre-Schoolers / Toddlers are not easy to deal with. Raising a toddler is challenging and fun. Here are some tips that can be helpful in dealing with toddlers

  1. Now a days it is common for kids to start playing on mobile phones, laptops or Ipad. Instead play an indoor game like  Carom Board, Ludo,  or take them for walk in nearby park or society park. Let them enjoy with nature. Kids love swings and slides let them get involved in some physical activity
  2. You may also take them to a society swimming pool under your guidance or let them play in the play area of society.
  3. Play games like dumb charades or simple hide n seek is much better option then playing video games.
  4. You can plan to take your kids to a zoo or bird sanctuary it would be a great experience for them
  5. Instead of going to a shopping mall spend quality time with your kids in a nearby park. Take them for walk and let them be free. Take along a softball, cricket bat ball or badminton rackets and shuttle cock for some outdoor fun.
  6. Let the kids spend time with their siblings, or friends of same age.
  7. Grand parent and toddlers love each others company so let these pre schoolers spend some quality time with grand parents. Grand parents are great friends and teachers to these young ones.

Using Music to teach Toddlers

Music makes learning easy

How music can be helpful in teaching toddlers

Teaching to toddlers can some times become too mundane. These young toddlers are not easy to handle and when you are trying to introduce them to alphabets, names, or recognizing things for the first time it is not that easy. Studies show that using music in our day to day teaching can give better results and make it easy for preschool children to learn the basics or anything which may otherwise be a bit tough for them to understand.

Have you ever noticed how a child picks up the latest song playing on your radio or TV. But if your try to teach them a simple poem it can be a bit tough. Here music can come to your rescue and the child will be able to learn things much easily. If you just say a rhyme just like your are reading from the textbook kids will find it hard to follow. But the same rhyme when sung in tune makes it easy for them to learn and you may be able to see the results very soon.

Music helps in all round development of child. By repeating rhymes in tune a child can learn about new words and their correct pronunciation. Music acts as a catalyst for a child naturally gifted in music and could do wonders for his personality development. 

Music also helps develop hand eye and body co-ordination which is helpful to pick up various skills. Music releases a positive energy in kids and makes learning fun and easy. Kids can learn to dance and express themselves without inhibitions which helps them to open up.

Playing your toddlers favorite rhyme on your smartphone or laptop is an interesting way to teaching.

Education can be fun for play school children too if we use creative ways to educate these young kids. At Makoons Play School we try to make education fun and easy for the children so that they enjoy studies as much as they enjoy extra curricular activities.

How to choose the best play school for your child

As parents we are all concerned about giving the best to our child be it things like food, clothes, toys or best facilities for education and learning. For a new parent toddlers education is of prime importance as it makes one ready for the future schooling and learning. The concept of pre-school culture is a bit new in India but in this age of competition and growing social demand the play school becomes most important stepping stone for a child’ s development.

When it comes to choosing the right play school for your child these points should be kept in mind

  1. Distance of School from your place
    It is advised that you choose a play school that is within a few kilometers from your residence so that it is for you to pick and drop your child. In initial years a child is not comfortable going to a new place a nearby play school can calm their anxiety a bit and easy for parents too to pick and drop the kid.
  2. Reputation of the Play School
    Check the reputation of the play school and take feedback from other parents before admitting your child to play school. Do not hurry and consult with your friends and well wishers. Also visit different  play schools personally and check with the receptionist and other staff members. 
  3. Infrastructure of the School
    A  play school with good infrastructure and good facilities is very important factor when it comes to choosing the right pre school for your kid. Check the classrooms, Toilets and play area of the play school. Be sure that school maintains proper cleanliness and hygiene standards.
  4. The Teachers and staff
    Make sure that the teachers and other staff of the play school are qualified and well trained to handle kids. They should be considerate and have a genuine interest in child’s development.
  5. Fees and Charges
    Everybody has their own budget according to the earning capacity. Choose a play school that is within your paying capacity and fulfills all the requirements of a good pre school.

Easy Rhymes for Toddlers

We all have learnt these popular rhymes once we were young. Why not pass on these ever popular rhymes to the toddlers. They are easy to learn and fun to recite.

  • Baba Black Sheep
    This popular rhyme is a must one for toddlers. This rhyme has it roots in 17th century. The earliest version was written in 1731.  Here is how it goes

    Baa, baa, black sheep,
    Have you any wool?
    Yes, sir, yes, sir,
    Three bags full;
    One for the master,
    And one for the dame,
    And one for the little boy
    Who lives down the lane.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars 
    Almost everyone knows this and is easy to recite and remember

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
    How I wonder what you are!
    Up above the world so high,
    Like a diamond in the sky.

Makoons Wins Best Pre School Chain Award

Best Play School chain award

Best Play School Franchise

Praxis Media announces winners of its National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017 in New Delhi.

Praxis Media, in association with Business Synergy and Global Brands Network, announced the prestigious National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017 to celebrate and honor the winners at 5 different levels for their continuing commitment to excellence, developing best practices and innovative strategies for the growth of the business and service sector with vision and inspiration.

New Delhi, July 29, 2017:  On Saturday, July 29, 2017 the National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017 were held at Hotel Crowne Plaza Today, New Delhi amidst the elites of the business and service sector. The National Business and Service Excellence Awards are organized, every year, by India’s leading media and marketing group, Praxis Media to celebrate and recognize those Achievers, Innovators and Leaders of the Business and Service sector that are maximizing their potential and have mastered the art of delivering quality products, excellent services and trustworthy brands and business names.

This year, the National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017 were presented to more than 40 winners at 5 different levels. The exacting and daunting feat of zeroing-in on the winners was achieved by Praxis Media, with the support from its associates and partners, after an elaborate and meticulous selection process which included inviting nominations from potential nominees, substantial research & surveys, collation of feedback & opinions, screening based on pre-determined judging parameters and subsequently choosing the winners through an independent jury panel. The significant parameters which were considered for selecting the winners included Market Presence & Competition, Growth & Profitability, Quality & Operational Excellence, Financial & Business Acumen, Innovation & Novelty in Services, Ingenuity and Imagination, Sustainability & Environmental Awareness, Job & Impact Potential, Client/Customer & Industry Feedback, Use of Technology & Trends, Efforts for Risk & Setback Mitigation, Previous Awards & Achievements etc.

The event was graced by an elite panel of guests and dignitaries that included names like Shri Anil K. Shastri – Senior Politician & Former Finance Minister, Government of India, Shri Sandeep Patil – Former Cricketer & Chief Selector, Indian Cricket Team, Dr. Sonal Mansingh – Padma Visbhushan Winner & Cultural Icon of India, Dr. Jai Madaan – Celebrated Astrologer & Numerologist.

National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017, an initiative of Praxis Media, in association with Business Synergy – India’s leading online business & service resource and Global Brands Network – Confederation of most valuable brands worldwide was instituted in 2015 to recognize and felicitate the achievements and the work done by individuals and organizations in maintaining excellent quality in their business and services with commendable commitment, exemplary approach and innovative vision which is an inspiration in itself.

The initiative was well supported by Business Synergy Brand Partner, SkillOutlook – Knowledge Partner, India Entrepreneurs Club – E- Platform Partner, Global Brands NetworkNetwork Partner, The SME Times, Business Sandesh, LifestylePost.Online and Navyug Sandesh as its Associate Partners who echoed the same objective of ‘Business & Service Excellence’.


A comprehensive list of winners of the National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017:


  1. Design Plus – Best Architectural Firm in Assam


  1. Bharat Saboo – Best Consultant Diabetologist in Indore


  1. GS Studio Design Consultants – Best Architectural Firm in Hyderabad


  1. Harish Kumar Agarwal – Best Consultant Psychiatrist in Uttar Pradesh


  1. Makoons Pre School – Best Pre-School Chain in North India
Makoons receives the award for best play school chain in North India

Makoons receives the award for best play school chain in North India


  1. The Dental Station – Best Multi-Speciality Dental Clinic in Noida


  1. Sanskar Dream School – Best Junior School in Aurangabad


  1. Manjula Singla – Best Dietician and Nutrition Consultant in Uttarakhand


  1. PERFECT SMILE Verma’s Dental Implant & LASER Centre – Best Multi-Speciality Dental Clinic in Haryana


  1. Lemon Archi Visuals® – Best Consultant Interior Space Planner in Madhya Pradesh


  1. Trinity Studio Private Limited – Best Architectural 3D Visualization Company in India


  1. NRDS Management Private Limited – Best Vocational Training Institute in Assam


  1. Mansi Arya – Best Homeopathic Consultant in New Delhi


  1. Ravi S. Sopariwala – Best Design Consultant in Surat


  1. Classy Grafts – Best Hair Transplant Centre in Bengaluru


  1. Rebanta Academy of Design – Best Design Institute in Madhya Pradesh


  1. Meadows Wellness – Best Beauty and Wellness Centre in Noida


  1. Happybees Pre School – Best Pre-School in Gujarat


  1. Sreedhar’s CCE – Best Competitive Exams Institute in Andhra Pradesh


  1. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic– Best Ayurveda Treatment Clinic in New Delhi


  1. ADeCon – Best Architect and Design Consultant in New Delhi


  1. NatureHealz Private Limited – Best Naturopathy Health and Wellness Centre of the Year


  1. Tushar Vinod Deoras – Best Career Counsellor in India


  1. Seeds of Innocence IVF & Surrogacy Hospital – Best IVF Centre in India


  1. Interior Options – Best Interior Decorator in North India


  1. Mithi Interiors Private Limited – Best Turnkey Interior Design Firm in India


  1. Ranjana Physiotherapy Clinic & Ladies Fitness Centre – Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Bhopal


  1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi – Service Excellence Award for Outstanding Contribution in Healthcare


  1. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre – Best Cancer Care Hospital in India


  1. Fortis Hospital, Noida – Best Super-Specialty Hospital in North India


  1. Merryland International Play School – Best Upcoming Innovative International Play School in Odisha


  1. Shantiratn Foundation De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Center – Best De-Addiction Centre in New Delhi


About the Company:

Praxis Media Private Limited is a premier insight driven media and marketing services company that is widely recognized for pioneering and innovative work for its clients and is a one-stop solution for affordable and turn-key marketing and business services for domestic, multinational, government, non-government, corporate, established and new start-up businesses and services. The company works with its brands and associates to help in boosting its client’s businesses and services and taking it to its zenith through bespoke brand management and strategy, ratings and accreditations, business advisory, market research, marketing solutions, strategic public relations, media management, reputation management and design and communication solutions.