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Makoons Awarded as “Top Preschool Brand of India” at 6th School Leadership Summit at Le Meredien, Delhi

Makoons is India’s a fastest growing play school franchise established to fill the gap that exists in pre school education. At Makoons we believe that pre school education needs to be given utmost importance, since pre school years are the formative year of learning for any child. It is the foundation that needs to be solid so that the child can take up future challenges of primary schooling. Our Program is developed for overall development of child with methods and techniques never before used in pre school education.
Makoons has been adjudged as the best pre school franchise in National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017. We invite budding entrepreneurs become the part of our successful franchise program and help us in taking pre school education to next level. In a short span of time our franchise partners have seen tremendous growth. Our Pre School Play School Franchise Model is at par with the best in industry and offers the best return on investment to our partners.

Teaching Methods 

provide high quality care and education for children below statutory school age; work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop; add to the life and well-being of the local community; and offer children and their parents a service that promotes equality and values diversity


Social and emotional development to foster a child’s sense of self, enhance his or her ability to make friends, and create openess to learning. Physical development to strengthen large and small muscles, coordinate movement, and improve overall health and growth. Creative expression and aesthetic development to foster a child’s appreciation for the arts music, movement, dramatic play, and visual arts.


Express feelings (selecting bright colors for a painting to match a playful mood). Learn to channel frustration and anger in a socially acceptable way (punching and pounding clay). Assert individuality (drawing a pumpkin that differs in color and design from the traditional).




Toddler’s Club 1.2 – 1.8 years
Play Group 1.8 – 2.5 years
Nursery 2.5 – 3.5 years
Jr KG 3.5 – 4.5 years
Sr KG 4.5 – 5.5 years
Day care 1.2-10 years
Activity centre 2-12 years

Regular school hours are 9.30 AM TO 12.30 PM Monday through Friday. We offer Day care facility from 8.00 AM TO 8.00 PM . Saturday schools hours are 8:00 a.m. to 02.:30 p.m.


 Head office:
KRS Educreations Pvt Ltd
144/5, Gyan Khand-4,
Ghaziabad 201014 (U.P)

Branch Office :

Plot# 6 Omvihar Colony
Opp. Divyansh Pratham Society
Crossings Republik,Ghaziabad (UP)

Mobile : +91-9891477667 / 9821182455 / 08882732851
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Tips By Makoons Play School for Parents

Tips by Makoons Play School for Parents of Pre Schoolers, Toddlers

Here are some useful tips for parents of toddlers. These tips will hopefully make it easier for parents to understand their young ones. At Makoons, India’s Best Play School Franchise we are always coming up with useful tips to help parents understand their toddlers better.

  1. Always use good language with young toddlers. Never say or utter bad words or abusive language in front of your toddlers. Children pick up these words quickly as parents are the first teachers of children. They can pick bad words from your vocabulary and you might feel embarrassed when they speak out such words before someone. Don’t blame your child for this. It is your responsibility to ensure that the child picks up only good things from you.
  2. Don’t quarrel or fight with your partner when your child is around. Avoid such instances where you are having an argument or fight in presence of your child. Children can become fearful or violent when they face such situations often.
  3. Always treat your maid or helper with respect before toddlers. If you mistreat them your child will end up doing the same.
  4. Show proper respect and love to elders in the family. Never treat them with disrespect. Your child is learning from you. Be polite and courteous with your family members.
  5. Always try to maintain a healthy jovial atmosphere in the house. Kids will grow up as happy and responsible individuals in such surroundings.
  6. Avoid giving junk food to your child. This might look like a shortcut to appease your child when he is throwing tantrums. But soon can develop into a bad habit and your child can become a fussy eater for the rest of the life.
  7. Stop comparing your child to others. Never do this even if they are very young. This can make them jealous of their peers and could make them feel insecure. Always try to encourage their good points and deal with your kid with love and compassion.
  8. Give your child the opportunity to interact nature. Allow them to spend time with tree, plants, flowers. Let them play with water for a while. Tell them about the new flower or the birds chirping. Give them the liberty to soil up their clothes in mud. Allow your child to be himself without any shackles.
  9. Encourage your child to socialize with other children of similar age. This will make them open up more quickly. Interaction with similar aged kids is the best way to open up a child’s shy nature.
  10. Cartoons are fun way to teach some new thing to your child. You can teach your child a new poem through some interesting cartoons available online.

How to get your kid to listen to you?

How to get your kid to listen to you?

early child development  effective parenting tipsMothers of young kids often complain about their kid not listening to them or not obeying their orders. This is
a bit frustrating as you expect your kids to obey you and follow your instructions. It is natural for kids
to avoid listening to you. You may think that your child is not listening to you but in reality it is not the case. Kids do listen to you, they heard what you said but they do not take it seriously and follow your order or instructions.

For example: When you ask your kid to put school shoes and school bag in place they have definitely heard you but do not follow up with the necessary action.  This happens mainly because you are not actively involved with the kid in conversation and they take things casually. May be you are in kitchen and just casually asked your child to remove his shoes and keep them in place while he is in another room . Since there is no direct connection in such conversation kids take it lightly. If you want your child to obey you make it a point to be direct in conversation and make them understand that what you are saying is important.

Many a times kids don’t listen to you until you tell them to do something couple of times and it is only when you speak in dominating or aggressive tone the last time your child follows your order. Instead of shouting several times be firm and direct in your conversation. When kids sense you are serious about something they will immediately follow your instructions. 

This tips are provided by Makoons, India’s Best Pre School Franchise. We Understand toddlers better!

How to spend quality time with kids?

How to spend quality time with kids?

Do we spend enough time with our kids?  In modern times parents find it tough to spend time with their kids. In case where both parents are working, kids may often get neglected. Most parents now a days think spending time with kid is when they take them out to shopping mall,  go for a dinner or watch a movie together. But for young children and specially toddlers these things are immaterial. Instead by doing this we are wasting the opportunity to spend quality time with kids. 

Kids are very sensitive and they are looking for companionship and bonding. In order to strengthen the bond between parent and child it is important for parents to behave like friends with their child. In order to make the child parent relationship sweeter parents should do what their kids ask them to do at least for minimum thirty minutes. If your child asks you to play hide n seek , engage in friendly pillow fight, or play his favorite game with him or watch his favorite cartoon together, parents should willfully do so.  This is a very effective way by which you can win your child’s confidence and develop a stronger bond. 

When you give your child the liberty to be himself, without trying to preach the child will trust you more and you will notice that he obeys you more than ever before. So for just a few minutes in a day behave in most friendly manner with your kid and see the magical transformation in your kid’s behavior.

How to select the best school for your child?

Tips for Choosing the right school for your child

Every parent dreams of providing the best education to their kids. No matter what sacrifice they have to make. Primary education is definitely very important for a child’s future. There are so many schools now a days that it very complex and confusing situation for parents. It is really tough for them to choose the right school. 

At Makoons, India’s leading Play School Franchise we understand that your child’ future is utmost important.Here we share few tips which will help parents in taking the right decision.

  1. Distance of School from home
    This is one of the most important point that parents need to consider while selecting the best school for their child. Do not select school that is far off from your home just because your neighbor’s child is also studying there. Travel time from home to school is important. If the school is too far from home your child will not get much time for himself. Children need spare time so that they can play and have fun. Too much distance and travel time will not allow your kid this freedom which is very much important for kids besides studies. In fact this is equally important. So keep in mind not to put your child in a school which is too far just for the sake of reputation.
  2. School Fees
    School Fees is another very important aspect that one needs to keep in mind while selecting a school for children. Do not judge a school to be good if its fees is on higher side. In fact many schools provide quality education at a much lesser fees and their standard of education can be much better than the one with higher fees charges. Always chose a school which is affordable and has good education standard compared to the one with fancy facilities and exorbitant fees.
  3. Facilities
    Although education comes at top when choosing the right school for your child. It is very important that the school has adequate amenities and facilities. Without good facilities things will become hard for your child. Check the school for proper cleanliness, clean toilets, filtered and best drinking water, good play ground and other important amenities.
  4. Standard of education
    Standard of education is another most important factor when choosing the right school for your child. It is imperative that the school where you admit your child has a high emphasis on quality of education. A school is known primarily for its education. A school that follows high standards of education with reasonable fee is probably the best one for your child’s future.
  5. Trained and Qualified Staff
    Teachers and school staff play a very important role in the development of your child. Choose a school with qualified teachers and well trained staff. After parents, teachers have the most important role in shaping a child’s future. With the right guidance of good teachers a child’s future is in the right path.
  6. Extra Curricular Activities
    “All study and no play made Jack a dull boy” is an old proverb but something every parent should ponder. Do not make your child merely a bookworm. A child needs to participate in sports, music, dance and other fun and challenging extra curricular activities for proper development. Chose a school that has an active sports culture with equal importance for music, dance and other art forms. Children are blessed with different talents and need a proper platform where they can enhance and showcase their talents. A school which has facilities for such extra curricular activities is the best choice for your child. 

Dental care for toddlers

How to take of toddler’s teeth?

Toddlers have delicate teeth  and at their age the teeth have just started coming. Many a times parents want to know how to take care of their kids dental health. Here are few tips that can helpful.

  1. It is important to get your kid to take the brush and do some brushing. Allow them to put the brush in the mouth and play with it. Till the age your toddler is one year old, toothpaste is not required and merely brushing would do. Start applying a very small quantity of toothpaste once kid is above one year of age and let him enjoy the sweet refreshing flavor of paste.
  2. Give some choice to your kid. Let them choose the color of brush. There are some very attractive toothbrushes available in the market which are made for kids specifically. Buy them one of these. Even toothpastes come in attractive packing and flavors which are meant for kids only.
  3. Make your toddler brush teeth twice a day. Start this habit early as it is one of the most important dental routine. Make sure to brush the teeth at night before sleep. Bacteria and germs stick to teeth so it important to brush and remove the harmful bacteria with proper brushing before sleep.
  4. Use dental floss sticks daily to remove any food particle stuck between teeth. Be very gentle and do this carefully as kids are sensitive and tender.
  5. Avoid sugary food, sweets and toffees. One or two is fine but do not make your toddler become habitual to sweets and candies as this is most harmful for teeth.

How to make your child sleep better?

Few tips to make your child sleep better

make child sleep betterSleep is very important for all of us and young kids need good sleep in plenty. Many a times it becomes difficult for kids to have a sound sleep.  Lack of sleep can disturb the child and he might feel irritated because of this. Proper sleep is very important for the proper development and growth of child. Sleep helps to heal and recharge the body for the next day. Here are few tips to make your child get a good sound sleep

  1. Make a habit of getting your child to sleep at a fixed time every day. Make sure that your child goes to sleep early and gets plenty of sleep time, at least 11-12 hours of sleep is recommended for young toddlers.

2. Make your child wear comfortable clothing before going to sleep.  In summers chose light and lose clothes . In winters clothes should be warm and comfortable.

3. You should refrain your toddler from watching TV and playing on mobile or tablets two hours before to going for sleep. When kids are engaged in some activity before sleep their mind is still in active state.  Our body releases hormone called melatonin which is responsible for maintaining the internal clock of our body. This internal clock tells us when to eat, when to go to sleep and other activities which we do on routine automatically.  It is important to calm down the brain before sleep so that this hormone is in check and work properly.

4.Before going to sleep it is important that you create an environment which is conducive to sleep. Turn off the lights, switch off the TV and put that tablet and mobile away at least one hour before making your toddler ready for sleep. Read them a story or sing them a lullaby two before going to bed.

5.Do not give liquids to your kid at least one hour before going to bed, this will prevent him from going for urine or potty which will obviously disturb the sleep.

6.If your child gets up during the sleep may be he is thinking about some thing that disturbed his sleep. Just pat him at the back and put him back to sleep.

How to stop your toddler from hitting?

How to stop your toddler from hitting?

early childhood behaviour  child behaviour and parentsHitting is an age typical behavior in toddlers. Definitely it is not a good habit. At this tender age toddlers are going through development phases. Whenever your kid is trying to learn some new skill like talking or walking or anything which can be considered an important milestone his behavior changes and can become more easily irritable, aggressive or they may start crying more often. This is a normal development stage for toddlers as they are trying to cope up with the pressure which is a bit unknown to them. At this stage a child’s brain is not that developed and they do not have the necessary skills to deal with such situations. So it is quite normal behavior coming from a toddler.

Normally such things happen with adults too when we are going through some stressful phase we tend to become more irritated. But as adults we have the maturity to handle such situations and mold ourselves accordingly, but in case of these little kids such emotions are very new to them and they don’t know how to properly deal with it. At Makoons India’s leading Pre School Franchise we are always trying to throw light on issues pertaining to toddlers and parenting so that parents can understand their little ones better.

Here are few tips for handling such volatile behavior from toddlers.

  1. Remember in order to be able to help others we need to take care of ourselves first. You won’t be of much help to others if you are yourself in trouble or not in a good frame of mind.In case of toddler showing aggressive behavior it is important that you are in full control of yourself first and keep your cool. Take some deep breaths and tackle the situation with calm mind. Avoid shouting and scolding the young kid because if you do so you are making the situation worse and adding to the chaos.  Taking control of yourself is the first step towards controlling your toddler.
  1. When your toddler is hitting someone or hitting you it is best to tell them to stop doing it immediately and move him to another place. It is not the time to argue with him or explain him the right values and manners as he is not going to understand your logic. Best way is to tell him that are not going to let him hit you or hit anybody else. Be firm and straight forward.
  2. When handling an aggressive child present a calm face, body language and talk in gentle tone with your child.
  3. Connect with the child and try to understand the reason behind his impulsive hitting. He may be doing it get something, may be he is asking for attention because you are busy handling his other sibling or their could be any other reason.  Tell him if he wants something then first he has to do what you think is right and slowly the child will calm down. Talk to your toddler and make him comfortable. Track your child’s behavior daily and try to figure out the reason for such behavior.
  4. Observe the company of your child. Often kids pick up such such habits from other aggressive peers. If your child  shows tendency of aggressive behavior change his company.
  5. If your child is hitting someone else show more sympathy towards the other person and ask your child to show love and care to the concerned person.
  6. Always try to maintain a good healthy atmosphere in house. If you are fighting too much with your partner this could create a bad environment for kid and he might become more susceptible to such behavior.

How to control tantrums in toddlers

Temper tantrums in toddlers and how to keep it under check

control tantrum behaviour in kids  parenting tips for kidsTemper tantrums are very common in kids aged 1-4. More than half of kids let their frustration out by throwing tantrums. Parents of toddlers often complain about their kid being too fussy and throwing tantrums all the time. Kids have many reasons for showing such behavior. Sometimes they might do it to get a new toy or candy. They might do it just to get your attention. Tantrum is also a sign that your kid is trying to ask for something but due to his inability to explain straightway throws a tantrum.

At Makoons, India’s leading Play School Franchise we understand the psychology of toddlers and pre schoolers very well. We encourage you to keep on reading this article. Here we discuss few strategies that will help you take control of your kid more effectively and control their mood swings and tantrums.

  1. Make your child feel comfortable
    Most often young toddlers throw tantrums as they might be feeling uncomfortable.  It is suggested that you give your kids proper sleep so that they don’t feel lethargic and irritated throughout the day. Another most important thing is to give them proper food with nutrition so that they are physically charged for the day. When going out to a nearby market carry a small toy so that the child is busy, this also prevents your kid from demanding a new toy while you are out for shopping.
  2. Let your kid choose
    Having a choice is natural human urge. When you give your kid a choice he feels a lot better and will be more interested in doing something which he generally avoids. Start with little things that would make them feel that they are in control. For example you can give your kid a choice of finishing the milk first or eating his breakfast. Or offering him a choice between going for bath or eating some delicious snack first. Try this tip and you will become a lot better in understanding these toddlers. This is also a great way to make them do something they are reluctant to do usually.
  3. Find out what’s really bothering your kid
    Kids under the age of two and half years have a vocabulary of around fifty words only. It is not easy for them to express their feelings with such a short vocabulary so they get frustrated and start acting strangely or throw tantrums.  It is best to train your kid to understand some sign language for common problem like feeling hungry, sleep or the urge to relieve himself. This way you will be able to judge their problem much better and kids will throw less tantrums.
  4. Distract the attention
    Often we get the signs of tantrums coming from kids in advance. The best way to deal with this is to distract their attention and divert it to something else. Once you have judged that a tantrum is on its way immediately change the topic, start smiling or play some game with your kid. You can even encourage them to watch favorite cartoon together. This distraction will divert the attention of kid and most probably he will forget to throw tantrum.
  5. Be a patient listener and good teacher
    Let your kid know that you are there by his side. Sometimes that’s all your kid wants. Try to give a patient ear to what you kid is trying to express. Do not lose your cool if your child is whining. Teach  good habits and let him know that he won’t be scolded if he make mistake when trying to learn new things. Give him the confidence that you are there for him and support him unconditionally.
  6. Use positive words
    Be polite when handing these young toddlers as they will always make silly mistakes, this is all part of growing up and we all have been through this phase. Remember how patient your own parents were when you were in this stage.  Do not scold them tool much or use bad words. Kids can pick up such things from parents very quickly. If you know your kid is throwing tantrum just leave him alone for some time and tantrum could be gone.
  7. Keep a straight face
    If you notice your toddler throwing tantrum just show  a straight face and let him know that you are not interested. Often parents give in to such tantrums and unknowingly encourage more of such behavior in kids. Once a kid understands that throwing tantrum is the best way to get something done it can become a bad habit in later years and the kid may grow up being more stubborn and moody. Next time you face such situation where you find your kid throwing a tantrum, just ignore or keep a straight face. Let them know this is not the way to get anything he or she wants.
  8. Compliment and reward
    Whenever your child does something good like finishing his breakfast or helping you in some house chores do not forget to compliment and encourage him. With positive words and some encouragement your kid will automatically show better behavior and refrain from tantrums. Reward your child with an ice cream or let him watch his favorite cartoon.

Very Useful Tips For Parents

Some Useful Advice for Parents of Toddlers

Advice for Parents who say that their kid is hyper
Many a times parents complain that their child is very hyper but actually most of the times this is not the case. As parents you need to understand that these kids are not hyper and what you assume as hyper is actually a divine blessing for these kids.  It is very normal for today’s kids to show such behavior. In fact this is a form of energy which is actually required by these kids to survive in the world that they are going to face tomorrow. These children are the future and in coming times these young kids will have to face different challenges and more competition which will require them to be more energetic and competitive. Until and unless they go through this phase they will not be ready to face tomorrow.

So become calm and relaxed and don’t worry if you consider your child to be hyper. In fact if your child shows less energy and activity it is a problem. Also we need to understand that at this age these young kids are hustling and bustling with energy and in comparison to them your energy and activity level is not that high. What we consider hyper is normal for kids of such age. These young children are the future doctors, lawyers, sportsmen, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. They are going to face all together different challenges and situations to what we are facing today. Consider this hyper energy as the divine energy blessed upon these children to face the future.

Change the lifestyle of kids
Instead of encouraging your child to spend time with TV, mobile and video games spend quality time with kids and take them to places like zoo, amusement park . Instead of going to places like shopping mall take your child to a good park to spend time with nature. Let them feel the natural surroundings. Allow them to touch plants, grass and flowers. Going to a water park is also a very good idea during the summers. Encourage kids to play with sibling or kids of similar age so that they become more social and do not just keep to themselves . You can also adopt a pet like dog, cat or some bird. This makes them responsible and caring.

Food and Diet
Avoid fried and spicy food like burger, pizza, french fries. Instead give them natural fruits and vegetables to eat.
Fruits are available in large variety and your kid will relish the taste of different fruits. Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins an mineral required for proper growth and development of children
These foods are alkaline and reduces overall acidity in body, so promote healthy natural food.