A small story with valuable lesson

A small story that can help you in handling kids more efficiently

Often mothers complain about their young ones being very naughty. No matter how hard they try to tame them kids will always find ways to irritate their parents specially mothers as they are the ones who the kids spends most time with. 

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Here is a small story that can help you in upbringing your little one and tackle their day today tantrums with ease.

Once a mother who was very much upset due to her child’s growing tantrums  and naughtiness went to a saint. She told him how her little one is becoming too naughty and going out of her control. This often made her lose her cool and getting angry on the kid. She wanted a solution to control her kid no matter what. She said she had tried all tactics but failed to tame her naughty kid. The saint asked her that if she wants a solution to this problem then she had to go through a arduous and risky task.

The woman was willing to try anything to find the solution. The saint asked her to go to the nearby hill and get three moustache hair of the lion sitting hill top. The hill was very steep so she need to be careful as  a mistake in climbing the hill could cost her life. The woman took the challenge and with great difficulty and determination she was able to climb the hill and reach the hill top. Now the work was half done she still has to pluck three hairs from the lion’s moustache.  The woman located the lion who was perched at the hill top and got utterly terrified  of the lion. The lion’s roar made her even more fearful.  But she was determined to complete the risky task.

Initially the lion would making roaring noises and thought that the woman has come there to harm him. But gradually after spending few days the woman started to win lion’s confidence . She would clean up his sitting area , pat him gently  and with her friendly gestures she was able to win lion’s trust.  In few days the lion and the woman became quite friendly and the lion would allow her to come close to him.

After few days suddenly woman got the opportunity she had been waiting for. The Lion was sleeping, the woman got close to him and quickly plucked out three moustache hairs of Lion. She ran as fast as she could without even looking back as she knew  that the lion won’t spare her if she stops for a moment. With great difficulty she climbed down the hill and reached her village. She immediately went to the saint and gave her the three hairs of Lion.

She asked the saint with curiosity and impatience to give her the solution to handle her naughty kid. The saint smiled and told her that the solution is not with him. The woman got furious as she had taken such a big risk of her life to find the solution to her problem.

The saint calmed her down and explained to her that she has completed such a risky task of climbing the steep hill and even much riskier task of going close to the ferocious lion and plucking out his hairs confidently but she is unable to handle her kid who is innocent and tender.  He made her understand that she used all her skills and intelligence to climb the hill and win the confidence of most dangerous animal but she is finding it difficult to control a small child who is harmless and loving. He told her that she just needs to handle the child with more love and care and it is many times easier than the task that she had completed.

The woman immediately understood that she needs to be more compassionate  and caring towards her child. She could easily control him with love and some good parenting skills.

She thanked saint for the life changing advice and guidance.

This story is a big lesson for the mothers who think that keeping their young one well behaved is a very tough task. Woman are multi taskers . They play many roles simultaneously. A woman is a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter in-law and working professional  at the same time. They can easily handle so many tasks  but often a child’s minor tantrums makes them lose their cool and they get irritated. This story is a small reminder for every mother to be polite, kind and compassionate towards their growing kid and handle them with some good parenting skill and compassion.

Follow this simple lesson and you will realize that you just need  a change in attitude and some more patience and love to handle your kids properly.