Activity by Makoons

1. Makoons Pre School , Crossings Republik – the most modern play school in crossing republik ghaziabad and day care centre  conducted its first kids connect activity with the residents of Crossings Republik on a Sunny day on 8th Feburary . The activity saw a massive response from eager parents seeking admission of their children in play school .
The drive was to educate parents about Pre School importance and its benefits in the grooming of their kids and its least to say the response was overwhelming. Makoons will continue such activities on 15th Feburary at Amrapali Empire Society and Gaur Global Village along with a drawing competition to boost play school understanding among parents . Parents of these societies can visit with their children during day time at Makoons display place in their respective societies

2. It is the best school in Ghaziabad. It has wonderfully made my daugter’s foundation very strong. The support to parents

3. Makoons wins First prize in Inter Playschool Sports Meet at Sarvottam International School